Should We Have a Cheap Bag SubForum?

  1. djgrls Cheap Bag Thread grew to 6 pages in about a day.

    Should we ask the management to make a Cheap Bags Subforum?

    It would not have to be called exactly that. It could be called something more euphemistic, to accomodate the sensibilities of people whose sensibilities are very delicate, but whatever its name, its purpose would be to discuss and share sources of bags that cost under $50.

    (And anybody who posted about bags that cost more would be made to wear a comical hat. Everybody else would immediately and henceforth imagine that person wearing the comical hat, and we would also request a point and laugh icon for our convenience.)

    Now I see where it says to post a poll with the post, but I don't see any blanks for the options, so I will do it like this.

    When you reply to the thread, here are the voting options committed manually:

    Yes I believe a Cheap Bags Subforum would fill an important need, give this place more zest and zing, cause us all to have shinier and more manageable hair as well as perfect rice every time.

    No Cheap Bags are a scourge upon the earth, an abomination to all applicable deities, and offend my sensibilities which are very delicate. Even though I would never post in it, it would cause me extreme emotional discomfort and trauma to realize that people were discussing bags that cost under $50.
  2. A quick yes before rushing off to work!

    PS ShimmaPuff - I've said this before, love your sense of humour :smile:
  3. :yes:
  4. Yes to the cheap bag forum. My fav right now is Target 16.99.:nuts:
  5. YES!!!

    because I want more zest and zing, more manageable and shinier hair and perfect rice every time! :yahoo: and I love discussing cheap handbags!
  6. Yes! I was thinking the same thing- this would be wonderful! Expensive bags are great to dream about but wouldn't you love a forum where you could see a hot bag and run to Target and pick it up? I think it would be awesome!
  7. Hell yeah, I love my 2 $11 Old Navy bags
  8. YES!
    Great idea!
  9. Good dill pickle!:yes:
  10. yeah....if you love it, you love it, no matter what the price. if you like it and it makes you feel good and special have at it.
  11. Yes, definitely.
  12. I vote yes. But can we up the price to maybe say, below $100? But maybe call it something else like:

    Generic And Inexpen$ive?

    $100 and Below? (or Below $100)

    Cheap and Fabulous! ?
  13. Excellent idea:idea: I have lots of cheapies that I just love!:heart:
  14. :P And here I was trying to be so accomodating to all the rich folks, saying $50 instead of $25.

    You know, depending on what they would give us, if enough people want it, maybe we could ask for a Bargain Basement, with sections for $100 and under, $50 and under, and the Very Special and Most Elite Black Belt Doctors of Predatory Shopping Lounge for $25 and under!

  15. Yes!

    How 'bout naming it something like "Chic and Cheap"?

    Great idea!