should we get the pomme bags now or later?

  1. I love the Houston bag but have never bouht one. i LOOOOVE the pomme color to death. Is it worth buying it in pomme now or later. Being discountinued will that make it so I have to pay more later? I'd love it if I would be able to buy it used for less later

  2. Get it now so you can enjoy the bags now!!! :p
  3. If possible, buy it now. Why wait?
  4. I went to LV Harrods today and Pomme accessories are so absolutely eye-catching items on the display. Get one. It's so nice!
  5. The only reaosn I would wait is because for $1,390 I could get my azur speedy 30 and lost of other things too....with all i'm buying lately i'm trying to tell myself I can't have everything!

    Plus, if it sells for less later that would make me VERY happy! I got my cles after it had been discountinued and I got it cheaper than retail and it's still mint:graucho:

    tryin to save a dollar...u know how it is!
  6. I would buy it now.
  7. I would wait. It will be here for a while but don't wait too long.
  8. I would wait a little while ( not too long or you might miss out.) to see if there is something else you want more. I was mad about the framboise colour when it came out and bought a reade pm and a minna street and have never used either of them. I still love the colour though.
  9. I think I'm getting the lexington now....
  10. You should buy now!
  11. such mixed reviews!!!!!

    I think i'll give it the good ol 24 hour wait...maybe things will be clearer tomorrow!

    I guess I'm heading to the store tomorrow to get my hearts instead of Monday!!!:yahoo:
  12. Get it now..
  13. Now Now Now!!!
  14. absolutely get the pomme now!!
  15. Buy Now!!!