Should We Get Another Dog?

  1. I have some questions for owners of multiple pups. My family currently has a small pup and he is the best dog I've ever seen. He's very friendly, very cute, very mellow, very mild-tempered and well-behaved. However, the poor thing is always BORED. My Mom's home everyday so she would play with him but she can't do that all the time. So during the time that my mom has to take care of things around the house, my dog is always sitting at the stairs waiting for people to come home, staring off space, or just sleeping.

    Also, on the rare occasions that we have to leave him at home for half an hour or so, he starts crying. He would put his paws on my Mom's purse and presses it so that my Mom can't lift up the purse.. Basically, he has to be around people at all times. Our family friends told us that he will be more comfortable without having us around if he has a companion. Is that true? I love to play with my dog but there are times where my family have to get out the house for short errands and such. Will having another puppy help keep this one company and make him happier? I would LOVE to have another dog, I love dogs and we definitely have the time and space to take care of them.

    What is your experience in having more than one dog? Do you recommend it? TIA:flowers:
  2. That's a tricky one to call. If your fur baby and the new fur baby get along really well, that's great. What can happen though is just the opposite: all out war!

    I had a page bookmarked some time back about how to introduce a new doggy into your home. I'll see if I can scare it up for you. It had some really good info. :flowers:
  3. Thanks Prada, that would be great~~:yes:

    The only thing I'm concerned with my dog is that he's very wimpy and non-confrontational. He's afraid of bigger dogs. He will only deal with smaller dogs but even then, if the smaller dog is too energetic, loud, too friendly, or too UNfriendly, he'll flee.
  4. Have you thought about getting a lady friend for him, my dog used to follow me everywhere and cried outside my bathroom door even. He had such a small heart poor thing and he was scared of everything, for ex. he needed help crossing from carpet over to a tiled part of the floor because it was "different". When I got the second dog I chose the bravest female of the bunch and she has had an amazing influence on him. He's now both much braver and much happier than he was when he was alone. She kicks his ass though :rolleyes:
  5. well mine get on well together :biggrin:

    but you do have to integrate them properly. Remember the existing dog is the most important, you have to almost ignore the newest arrival when they older dog is around (which is very hard to do when puppies are so sweet), but it is possible!
  6. Chloe, your picture is so cute!

    Kou, we got a second dog when our older dog was 3. The first day, he barked at the new puppy and us like crazy -- sort of a go away and why did you bring him here kind of thing. Day two, the older guy just moped. But the puppy loved him and wouldn't leave him alone and now they are the best of friends. They keep each other company and get all worried if you happen to just take one of them out for a few minutes.
    I think your little guy could be very happy with a new puppy.
  7. It all depends on the age and temperment? How does he act when you take him out for a walk adn he encounters another dog? Or to a dog park?

    If he is an older dog... don't do it. He'll feel replaced.

    We got a new dog when my first dog was 12... I'm sure she didn't like that at all.. It's a big regret of mine.

    I have 3 dogs.. Huge Chocolate Lab, Rottweiler Mix, Pomeranian... they get along very well...

    If you do go through with it... introduce them in a small space.. a small bedroom or a bathroom, let them sniff each other out.. and get used to each other... let them interact for like an hour or so...

    If your dog is young and used to other dogs and people/children it should be fine though.

    I think age is the most important thing to think about though.
  8. chloe-babe they are TOO CUTE!!! :roflmfao:

    i had one dog, but he's always act naughty when we left him alone. he would tear apart the back of the house where we kept him when he's alone. when we're with him, he's completely sweet.

    do we figured to get a girl dog to accompany her, we bought the same breed, which is smooth fox terrier & at first my boy dog is already fell in love with her, but she seems scared. after some times, they get along really well. my boy dog seems to love her dearly.
    they hade some puppies together.

    but some about 2 yrs ago, she died because someone crashed her WHILE she was pregnant, we brought her to hospital & they're doing surgery but they can't save her so she died :crybaby:

    now my dog live with my bf's parents house with a friend female poodle.

    i think no dog should be alone.
  9. I :heart: Chloe-Babe's munchkins.

    Everyone has really good advice, from everything that I have read it is right on. Your first pup needs to feel number 1 and not threatened by a new little pip-squeak that could potentially take his place.
  10. My first puppy was the more mellow of the 3. At first I was worried he wouldnt like the 2nd puppy so I got him a girl.
    They got along fine.
    Then a year later, I thought the two of them are bored sometimes SO I decided to get a 3rd pom. For the first few days the older 2 completely ignored the baby then after a week or so, their all best friends.
  11. This is my experience:

    One dog = bad.

    Two dogs = good.

    Three dogs = zoo.

  12. I talked to my parents about getting the second dog and while they feel that my dog needs a friend, the superstition comes into play so their feelings are a bit mixed. Either way, if we get a dog, it's going to be next year. My pup is 2 years and 8 months old right now, we may try to get the new pup from the same breeder so that they can be relatives and have similar temperament.