Should we adopt this stray?

  1. As y'all may know, my DH and I "adopted" a dog around Xmas who we later found out belonged to a neighbor. As it stands now we sort of have joint custody---we feed him and have been taking care of his veterinary needs, but he spends time over at the neighbor's house as well. It is not an ideal situation but the best we could negotiate with this neighbor. Then, last month, my DH brought home a boxer puppy (Violet) and we've been going through the usual stresses associated with having a puppy after being primarily cat folks (I should say, it has been stressful for me, not so much for my DH who has puppy experience). The stress has eased some since we had our backyard fenced in, since now I can just let her outside for pottying and don't have to supervise her, which was difficult as I work at night and have to sleep during the day.

    OK. During the past few weeks, a stray (we assume) female dog has been showing up at our house. She has slept in Violet's dog house and we have been feeding her. She looks like she has given birth recently--her teats are swollen, but we assume her puppies are no longer with her since she stays at our house for extended periods of time--I would think she wouldn't leave her puppies for very long if they were still around. In fact she has pretty much moved into our backyard (she squeezes in under the fence). She is very shy and submissive, but sweet, and great company for Violet, who adores her. We picked A LOT of ticks off her--she lay so still for this and seemed to feel a lot of relief afterwards, it was really touching. My DH got some Frontline for her when he took Violet in for her checkup yesterday. The vet says she doesn't want to prescribe any other meds for her (the stray, whom we are calling Sadie) until we bring her in, which makes sense. Judging from the number of ticks on her we think she's been living rough for a while--she doesn't appear emaciated but she does look sort of uncared-for. But we live in the country and frankly it seems like the country folk around here are neglectful of their pets, yet strangely possessive of them at the same time. Therein lies the issue--I feel for this dog, she is a real sweetheart and just gives off the vibe that she hasn't been taken care of and could really blossom in a loving home, which we are willing to provide. But I am reluctant to vet her and get all emotionally attached only to have some redneck come knocking at our door wanting his dog back, KWIM? We'd love to get her spayed, too, but I can imagine the uproar that might cause. We have discussed putting up fliers but, as with our Christmas dog, we feel she's been neglected (if not actually abused--she's VERY shy) and returning her to her "rightful" owner may not be what's best for her. I think we're gonna go ahead and take her to the vet for a once-over but I'm just afraid she's gonna need some extensive therapies such as antibiotics or heartworm treatment, and that we'll get started with all that only to have some doofus show up and take her away. She does not have a collar on BTW and as I said seems to have moved in.

    What would you do?
  2. I think you should adopt her. She sounds like she needs love and if some redneck does knock on your door, tell him you don't know what dog he's talking about.
  3. Oh bless you. How lovely that you take care of all these strays!

    I understand how much love you're putting into these animals, and it would be heartbreaking to have to loose her to someone that seemingly wasn't that concerned about her in the first place.

    I guess on the other hand, it could be a case that she's lost....???

    To be honest, I really don't know what I'd do in your situation. Phone around vets, pounds to see if anyone has contacted them regarding a lost dog? If you do that and they haven't heard from anyone, then if someone had lost her, they couldn't have been too concerned in finding her, if they hadn't contacted anyone?

    She sounds lovely, I really hope you get something sorted.

    All the very best,

  4. I hope you'll adopt this stray. She sounds like she has a lot of love to give, and you and your DH sound like a wonderful couple who will give her the love and care she deserves.
  5. I think you should call all of the local animal chelters and the police/sheriff's department (animal control division) where you live to see if anyone has reported this dog as lost or missing. Also, take her to be scanned to see if she has been microchipped. If all of these valiant efforts do not produce her owner, then at least you have peace of mind if you decide to hold on to her as your own. She is so lucky to have some one like you! :p
  6. I view pets as children. The dog has been severely neglected and I don't see the situation any differently than if the state were to take away a neglected child and put him/her into foster care. IMHO it would be wrong to give an animal back to the original order when you saw how bad the dog was being treated. It's no different than giving a child to a child molester because he's the child's daddy. It is obvious that you love this dog very much and this is a great opportunity for you to protect her.
  7. I agree-- this is like this dog's second chance at a happy life! :yes: I had a similar situation with a dog in the country/lake who had literally been dumped off by some redneck. I was torn about how to handle it, too, but in the end no one claimed her and we ended up getting her a loving home :love: I think Sadie has found you for a reason... you obviously have a huge heart and are like a guardian angel for these sweet animals. I reeeeeally hope you end up with her, her new life could be so great!

    Maybe when you take her to the vet, put the word in at the vet's office that you've found her. That way, you've covered your bases as any decent dog owner who'd lost their dog would ask there, you know?

    In other words: keep her, keep her, keep her! :dothewave: You are awesome!
  8. Go for it! :yes:
  9. She has come to her forever home. Yes, adopt her. While I agree with Kristie, the proper thing to do is try to find the owner, personally I would not.
  10. Adopt her! I would, in a heartbeat.. you're able to give her so much love, and for that, she'll give you even more back.
  11. Kudos for trying to do right by this doggie. If would call the local humane or animal protecive office and find out how to go about getting legal custody.
  12. I'm going to revert back to childhood by saying this, but finders, keepers! The previous dog's owners may not have wanted her anymore for whatever reason and she chose you. I'd attempt to find the owner, but if you've done your due diligence, I'd keep her. What a lucky dog!
  13. Keep her! And post pictures so we can see how happy she is at your house :nuts:
  14. I remember your story from last winter and it was heart-wrenching. Something tells me you always want to do the right thing and the right thing is to put this dog's needs before your own emotional dread of potentially loosing her.

    I think adopting her "officially" is the best thing to do, and I think you are a wonderful, big-hearted person who already has fallen in love wit this dog.

    Hugs and kisses to you and the doggie and keep us posted! I think all of us who read this forum love animals and want to see a happy ending!
  15. From your details it sounds like unfortunately this dog was abused or someone decided they just didn't want her any more and just maybe let her go? I would say it definitely sounds like she found the right family to adopt her. Sounds like you and your family are looking out for the best interests of Sadie and want to care for her properly. I would definitely say you should adopt her! Keep us animal lovers posted.