Should we adopt a 2nd cat to be a friend to our current cat?

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  1. Hi all. I seem to be asking everyone, so why not ask here?!?

    We have a 2 year old cat. Has him about 6 months. Love him and spoil him so much. My husband wants to get another one so he has a friend. Thinks he is sad when we are gone all day at work. We looked at the Humane Society the last 2 nights. Found a few we liked.

    Tommy - 13 months. Super playful. Family moved so they gave him up.

    Chitty Choo - 9 months? Playful, and chill. Didn't fit his family's lifestyle anymore so they gave him up. Really felt a connection in the visit room. Put him on hold for 24 hours to think. They say he didn't get a long with other cats, but maybe they situation was not ideal for him when introduced at the shelter.

    Floyd - 9 months. Calm. Owner got pregnant and gave him up. In the cat colony room with other cats.

    I do agree with my husband, but I also like spoiling my baby! Lol. We go out of town quite a bit and both work all day so I feel bad he is home alone all the time.

    Thoughts?! Advise?

  2. Every time I've added a cat to the household I thought it would be company for my other cat. In every case the older cat is pissed. For me our older cat just passed and we plan to be a single cat household for now. Some day I think I'd like to get two kitties the same age or from the same litter so they will bond (or already be bonded). Maybe others have had better experience but this is mine.
  3. This has been my experience as well.
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    and every time, I get attached to the new cat and keep it
    so maybe really the new cat is for me :smile:
    Not saying that's what you're doing OP. I understand you think you kitty is lonely.
  5. Not trying to hijack the thread but this is kinda funny. Reminds me that in my country/ culture parents like asking their first child whether he /she would like to have a sibling thinking this will provide company. And almost always the child rebel "no!!!"
  6. If at all possible I would foster to adopt. There are so many rescues that need foster homes. At the same time you will see how the new cat interacts with the current cat. I have a bunch of cats and they all have at least one good friend. My mom on the other hand has a female cat that is happy as can be to be an only cat. I depends completely on your cats' personality.
  7. We went again tonight. We decided to give Floyd a chance! He's super chill and affectionate so I think he would be a good match for ours.
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  8. good luck
    if they don't love each other, they'll learn to tolerate each other
  9. Haha! That's what happened to us. We had one cat and got her a buddy. She was pretty mad at us. She tolerates the second cat and still hates the third one we got later lol. She's like a cranky old man.
  10. Thanks. I hope they at least like each other. I mean, worst case scenario, we have 30 days to return him.
  11. It's really the best for the other cat to have a friend at home. I'm not sure but in my opinion the second cat should be a young as possible so that the older cat feels like a big brother or father to the smaller one. Our cats get along really well. When they go out and it's time for the to come back home, one of them would wait the other one in front of the door. And they clean each other too! Just make sure both are neutered.
  12. that's nice....I've never had that experience
    maybe some cats are just more sociable
  13. It could be, but the older one didn't like one cat that my bf adopted before, in the end the adopted one ran away but they were not neutered at that time. It came back one day but it left again. We think it has found a new owner because it looked like it was taken good cared of. My bf also said once they're neutered they won't feel any competition anymore and their aggression gets lower.
  14. My first attempt at adding a cat to the family was a female about 3 yrs old and a male kitten. Female was furious and never accepted him. Most recent combo was two males - first one was maybe 5 yrs old when the younger one came in - maybe one year. The older one dominated. The didn't fight but never bonded. The closest we ever saw them was a couple of times laying in the same bed a few feet apart. Nice that your kitties love each other.
  15. Thank you. I'm happy they get along really well. The older one also had a close friend who died of cancer and he stayed with him until the other one died. It was heart-breaking.

    Have you ever tried playing with both using infra-red (red dot)?