Should TPF limit future memberships?

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  1. What are opinions of limited or invite only memberships? The Fashion Spot has done so ( Their reason is:

    "As many of you know the Fashion Spot has been growing at a blistering rate. Membership has grown by over 60% in the first 4 months of 2006! Our goal is to ensure that we remain the number one online community for the Fashion Industry and that we maintain high standards and quality within our membership

    It's time to slow down and catch our breath. Starting in the near future, the Fashion Spot will close its doors to new member registrations. At some point we will allow select members to invite new members, but for now we're going to let our recently joined members settle into the community.

    During this breather we will assess our existing members to make sure that we maintain high standards and quality within our membership. We will also be releasing some new tools that help our members connect and help foster our goal of being THE place the Fashion Industry meets online!

    I have instructed the team leaders, mod squad & design team to keep tight lipped about upcoming changes. We will make announcements when the time is right...

    That's all I can share for now."

    Should TPF do the same thing? Vlad? opinions?? LOL
  2. You really shouldn't copy and paste info found on another website here. Also, you have links back to tFS in your post which is not permitted.
  3. What tFS' leadership decides to do for their forum, does not apply for our forum.

    The Purse Forum will always stay open for everyone. I see no need to make it "invite only". This elitist approach does not seem to be very welcoming to me, that is not the atmosphere I envision for tPF.
  4. ^^ I have to agree. I love the fact that new members join every day - it keeps it so fresh in my opinion:yes:

  5. How is it not ok if I put quotes around it, which means I'm not taking credit for it?.......Also, the links are from when I copied and pasted. That's why the links are there... I felt it was ok to copy and paste since I did put "Their reason is...." BEFORE the copied and pasted part..............

  6. To avoid confusion, I suggest you use [ quote] [ /quote] tags around the quoted text. :idea:
  7. oh! understood! will do next time! Thanks, Vlad, for that more pleasant response.
  8. Are we allowed to hug Vlad?

  9. the reason I wrote that is because they're a PRIVATE Forum and I'm almost positive that they have a rule about removing text from their website.
    Copying and pasting info from one website to another is almost never allowed by the originating website.

    just sayin'

  10. The quoted text is actually freely viewable by anyone browsing their site. :idea:

    Anyway, enough tfs discussion.

  11. totally!
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