Should this happen after a MONTH?!?

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  1. On Feb 20th, 2016 I happily drove over 4 hours to go purchase my 1st Louis Vuitton! I got a Neverfull GM in Damier Ebene. Today I noticed that all of the corners except one have the design already rubbing off! Please tell me this isn't the norm? I purchased at Edina, MN Louis Vuitton. I am sad that my 100.00 COACH that I have used for over a year is holding up better than my 1340.00 Louis! What do they do in this kind of situation? Please help! I did email my SA to see what he would say. Thanks all!!


  2. The DE print does wear off on corners. Unfortunately I think it's considered normal wear and tear.
  3. Completely normal, that is normal wear and tear. It is just where the corners rub into things and the paint just comes off. Enjoy the bag!
  4. This is one of the unfortunate things about the DE print... But if ur pretty careful with ur bag I am not sure u should have this much wear already at 2 1/2 months. I have a speedy DE for about 6 months and don't have this on mine (I used the bag consistently for 3 months when I got her- I didn't baby her but I was mindful) Did u check the bag corners before purchasing? I'm sorry this is happening to u with ur first LV. Take it back to the store (I know it's far...) and see what they say.
  5. Hi Mrs. Weidner! So sorry to tell you that LV will most likely call that normal wear and tear. I would still talk to your SA, as its only 2 months old and they may surprise you with their answer! All my Damier (and even monogram) canvas bags have corner wear, but it isn't that noticeable even after years of use - albeit only a few times a month. But if you've been using it everyday, just think of it of as part and parcel of using LV canvas!
  6. Normal! Sad but true. I had the same thing happen on my speedy b 25 and panicked. It actually has not gotten any worse since and has stayed the same as what yours looks like. It's a year later and it doesn't bother me anymore either.
  7. Some LV items have wear points. I have one item that I purchased a year ago and have used every day and looks like new. I have another item that I purchased 2 months ago, used on two weekend trips and already showing stress points. :nogood: Through tPF I found out those wear spots are normal but damn?! I used her like 6 days. I hope you can still enjoy your bag and it doesn't get worse.
  8. This is normal for neverfull bottom corners.
  9. I realized I said only a month. Guess I am still stuck in March. Thanks for the kind replies. Sad that it has started this already. It's a bummer to spend that amount and then have ratty corners. Oh well. It is still beautiful and mine!!
  10. I would not be happy about that after 2 months. My bag is DE and I have no signs of that whatsoever and I've used mine now nearly every day since January 2015. As LemonDrop said though, some items do have wear points. I think a bag should hold out longer though than 2 months before the wear points start showing, particularly at this price level.

    Even if your SA agrees to exchange it I think the same problem will occur again.
  11. 24 hours later and I have heard nothing out of my SA. I still think this shouldn't happen after 2 months. Sorry but I paid a lot of money for this purse which has already shown signs of wear.. and this is babying the darn thing!
  12. Your bag was rubbed against something pretty roughly to result in this mark. This wear on DE does not happen on its own.
  13. I agree with this. This isn't "normal" wear and tear for a couple months. I had my Portobello for 1.5 years and it never had any of that. I've also had my DE Eva for about 6 years and it shows no wear at all to the canvas.
  14. It does happen with use though, as pointed out by many members. It just depends what bag (smaller bags are less likely to be banged around) and how it's been treated.

    OP: enjoy your beautiful bag. This tiny rubbed area on the canvas is just a sign you love your NF and go on many adventures with it!
  15. A little update: My SA did get back to me and agreed that this shouldn't be happening after 2 months. He was gracious enough to exchange it! I could not be more pleased with the outcome. So much so, intact that I now have a Speedy 30 In Damier Ebene as well. I also bought a luggage tag and had that hot stamped with my initials! Yay!