Should this BV be my FALL BAG??!! Help!

  1. I am thinking about this or a Large Chanel Cambon Tote for the fall/winter. What do you guys think?? Pic from Thanks guys!!
  2. I can't say no to a BV bag...that one is gorgeous! Hopefully someone who has experience with this particular style can tell you the pros and cons on it. Because of the price on this bag, I'd definitely try it on inperson, that way you can decide if it's is indeed perfect for YOU. For some this bag might be too long for them, while others might think it's perfect! It's really hot for fall!
  3. I tried that bag on in a BV boutique Monday night and fortunately I thought it looked rather large and bulky but of course it was stuffed - I think it was one of least expensive bags they had that I liked - I tried another one (approx 1700) with a thick braided handle and just a long body with some embossing on the leather - anyway it didn't have a top closure but I fell in love with it and I can't get it out of my mind - although I simply can't spend that kind of money on a bag - Coveting a BV is a terrible affliction. But enough about me - you must try the bag on to see how it looks on you - it is a stunning bag and I hope you like it and enjoy it.
  4. It's a beautiful bag- there is no question about that! And BV is so well made. It all comes down to how you like it ON you! If you love it, then don't hesitate, its a beauty!
  5. I think it would be a great additiona to your collection. It is a big bag. I say "yes."
  6. I am considering that same bag, if the Prada bag that Beyonce has is priced out of reach. I think its beautiful!
  7. that bag is gorgeous!!! i say "go for it" :smile:
  8. that is a great bag.
  9. I love it! It is a gorgreous bag!
  10. The Bottega is gorgeous, but do check the size out. I know it comes in two sizes, and the large one is really large!
  11. BV is definitely the way to go. Their bags are of the highest quality. However, the bag you posted is not one of my favorite bags.
  12. BV is a classic and that bag in the dark brown ebano is gorgeous. Did it give you the measurements of it? I've heard (there is a Chanel thread about that right now) that Chanel is phasing out the Cambon line (don't know how soon that will be) so if you really had your heart set on getting a Cambon tote some day and must choose between one or the other, you may want to hunt down a Cambon. There are always lovely BV's out there you can get later.
  13. I thought I was going to love that BV bag, but when I tried it in person it just wasn't for me. I didn't find the shape to be flattering or user friendly and the bag was kind of blah just hanging there. The strap can be doubled (as in the pic) or pulled all the way through to gather the top of the bag so it can be worn messenger style. Even with the cool strap variations the bag was not what I had expected. Too bad, because it comes in gorgeous shades of lavender and orange for fall.
  14. chanel all the way!
  15. I agree. I think there are styles that you might get better use out of.