Should this brunette become a blonde again?

Sep 4, 2007
Dear TPFers, i need your advice:

I've been a brunette for the past 2 years, and it's my root color...
but recently my husband saw a picture of me dating back from the years I was blonde and said he would not be against the change :smile:

I was blonde when i was anchoring the news for a local public television in france, so i was blonde when he met me... but it was lots of upkeep and that's why i came back to brunette now that i live on the west coast and do not need to look good on TV. Also, i've seen so many "blondorexics" here...

What do you think? Should i listen to my HB? Also , I'm a bit scared to change my color as everybody knows me as brunette...:smile:

Here is me as blonde (and younger)

and brunette:
Sep 4, 2007
The only thing is that I have no idea of the monthly cost of highlights in the USA: in France I was going to Dessange, and my budget was about 150 euros every 6 weeks... It's chain of salons specialized in "blondes" and their highlights are never brassy.

I know I have to research a good salon where I am, because I guess they have to stip the brown first ...
Sep 4, 2007
Coach, yes, I was blonde as a child... and my eyebrow color is even more natural with blonde hair. They are a bit too light with brown...
Jan 29, 2007
^^ I like the shade of blonde in that last picture, it looks like a nice warm honey blonde if I'm seeing it correctly. I think it looks better on you than the brown and better than the lighter blondes in the first set of pictures you posted. Especially with spring coming, I would say go blonde for sure.


Oct 12, 2006
I think it is up to you, your brunettehood is just brown hair, you have pink skin and colored eyes, so you automatically have a lot more hair color options than I and others who I guess you could call Xtreme Brunettes ;)

You should pick the color that makes you feel prettiest, that is the one that will look best on you!