Should this brunette become a blonde again?

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  1. Dear TPFers, i need your advice:

    I've been a brunette for the past 2 years, and it's my root color...
    but recently my husband saw a picture of me dating back from the years I was blonde and said he would not be against the change :smile:

    I was blonde when i was anchoring the news for a local public television in france, so i was blonde when he met me... but it was lots of upkeep and that's why i came back to brunette now that i live on the west coast and do not need to look good on TV. Also, i've seen so many "blondorexics" here...

    What do you think? Should i listen to my HB? Also , I'm a bit scared to change my color as everybody knows me as brunette...:smile:

    Here is me as blonde (and younger)

    and brunette:
  2. Girl, blonde ALL THE WAY! Highlights at least ! :tup::nuts:
  3. I like you blonde!
  4. blonde looks better on u :tup:
  5. i agree!
  6. I say go blonde! Maybe a darker blonde than you had before, but with pretty fettucini width highlights?

    Really, you're lovely either way, but the blonde just really seems to make you look sunnier.

    Were you blonde as a child?
  7. The only thing is that I have no idea of the monthly cost of highlights in the USA: in France I was going to Dessange, and my budget was about 150 euros every 6 weeks... It's chain of salons specialized in "blondes" and their highlights are never brassy.

    I know I have to research a good salon where I am, because I guess they have to stip the brown first ...
  8. Coach, yes, I was blonde as a child... and my eyebrow color is even more natural with blonde hair. They are a bit too light with brown...
  9. ^^ I like the shade of blonde in that last picture, it looks like a nice warm honey blonde if I'm seeing it correctly. I think it looks better on you than the brown and better than the lighter blondes in the first set of pictures you posted. Especially with spring coming, I would say go blonde for sure.
  10. Josephine: it think it's the same shade of ash blonde, just the light on the picture is different
  11. I definitely like you blonde, you look older as a brunette :shame:
  12. Blonde, blonde, blonde!!!!!
  13. I think it is up to you, your brunettehood is just brown hair, you have pink skin and colored eyes, so you automatically have a lot more hair color options than I and others who I guess you could call Xtreme Brunettes ;)

    You should pick the color that makes you feel prettiest, that is the one that will look best on you!
  14. go BLONDE!! live the dream! i wish i could!