Should this be happening?

  1. I started Yaz about two months ago for possible endometriosis, my GYN said it should help with the pain. Currently, I am on my second pack. The first pack went fine, some spotting, nothing big, and when I got on the placebo pills, everything went as it should. Now on the second pack, I'm having some bothersome problems.

    At the end of the second week(last week), I started having some cramps, and since then(last Saturday), I've had my period with cramps almost constant(some painful, wakes me up.) The thing is, I am still on the active pills, and I am not supposed to start the placebo pills for another week. Should I be having my period on the active pills, even though everything went as normal for the first pack?

    I've had my period now for almost a week, and at the end of next week, I am supposed to be having my period, so does this mean that I will be having my period for a total of about two weeks, or does it mean that I might have two periods(eek!)

    Also, since I am not using the BC pills for contraception, since starting the Pill, I haven't been taking it at the same exact time each day, it's usually a few hours off, but I have never missed a pill, but starting last Saturday(when I started my period), I began taking the Pill at the same time each day thinking it would help, and it hasn't. I have read that not taking the pill at the same time each day can throw off your cycle, but I didn't think that was the case since everything was fine the first month.

    Any ideas or has anyone had a problem like this before? Is this normal/expected on within the first three months?
  2. Well, I was once on Yaz and didn't have the issues you are having. Call your doctor.
  3. I just called my GYN and she's gone for the day, so she will be calling me tomorrow.
    But in the meantime, I would appreciate any ideas about this, it worries me. Thanks! :smile:
  4. Anyone...?:s
  5. I believe Yaz is a low-hormone BC. Some people get breakthrough spotting with these since the levels of hormone aren't high enough for them. Symptoms might go away after your body adjusts to the BC, but definitely call your doc if you don't like how the pills are working.
  6. I actually had a two-week period when I started taking Yasmin this month. Well, it was more liky a 10-day period, and the rest of the 4 days it was light spotting. FINALLY at the start of my third week of pills, I stopped spotting and I think I'm supposed to get my period soon. I wouldn't worry TOO MUCH, as breakthrough bleeding is common in the first three months of pill taking, even if the first month is fine. Except for this prolonged period/spotting this month, I experienced no other symptoms but who knows, maybe next month I will. I think every month for everyone is different, KWIM?

    PS. I think Yaz is 30mcg and lowest (like Alesse) is 20 I think it's definitely lower than some other ones (more commonly used 35 mcg ones; I believe 40 mcg and 50 mcg exist but have never heard of anyone using those personally) but not THAT low dosage.
  7. Thanks for the replies!!
    I got in contact with my GYN yesterday, and she said I shouldn't be having a period on the active pills; she said she is more concerned about the pain than she is the bleeding, so she said I need a pill with a higher estrogen. Yaz actually has 20 mcg. So she gave me samples for Femcon Fe, which has 35mcg. But I am going to call her again Monday, and ask her for maybe a different pill than Femcon Fe because it has 7 inactive pill, and I much rather have 4 inactive pills. Anyways, she told me to start the new pills in about a week.

    Karman: Did you have menstrual cramping, too? The breakthrough bleeding doesn't really bother me that much, it's just the cramps, some of them I've had this past week, Vicodin didn't really take care of, so hopefully the new pills will be a lot better.
  8. Nope, no cramps. My regular cramps aren't that serious to begin with and my last period I felt nothing at all. I usually only have the cramps a couple of hours before my period comes and then for the next day or two after that but they never bother me.

    Sorry, for some reason I thought you were talking about Yasmin. I use Yasmin, not Yaz, which has 30 mcg.
  9. Thanks, Karman!
    I didn't know Yasmin has 30mcg, in that case, I am going to ask my GYN about taking Yasmin instead of the Femcon Fe. How many inactive pills does Yasmin have? Does Yasmin also promote clear skin like Yaz?
  10. From what I've heard a lot of girls on Yasmin get better skin. I'm generally acne-free so I can't tell you how it's worked for me. Also you retain less water due to the type of progestin used so weight gain is not as serious (if any).
    It does have 7 inactive pills instead of the 4 you want, however.