Should this bag have the hologram tag & serial number tag?

  1. I bought this bag from Jomashop. It arrived yesterday but does not have the hologram or leather strip with serial numbers that you see in the spy.

    Should it?
  2. I'm not sure about that. Could you take a few pics of the bag you received and post it on the *authenticate this* thread? Someone might be able to help you there. I recently got two bags from joma and they were both real, as well as several others that other members of this forum got.
  3. My mini mamma doesn't have a hologram tag either. It actually doesn't have any tag at all. Does your bag have an interior pocket? The serial number on mine is printed on the inside of the pocket.

    (And yes, I know mine is authentic)

    If you're not sure about it, I agree - post some pics in the authentication thread.
  4. yeah, i was going to suggest you look in the inside pocket
  5. Thanks. I will look in the inside pocket today. If possible I plan to go to Saks and take a look at the bags there for comparison.
  6. That bag should have one b/c the color and the season it is from are pretty new. The only ones that may not have them are 3yrs and older.
  7. Thanks all. Actually it has both the leather strip with serial number and hologram tag. I took it to Saks a little while ago and it checked out fine. In fact I had them look over my Zucca Spy also and both checked out fine. While they could not "officially" authenticate them, they said they look good. And add that to the positive experiences of all the experienced tPFers, I think we all did good.