Should they stay or should they go?

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  1. Hi ladies! I recently purchased the Private Number in Pavot on a whim after seeing it while shopping at Nordstrom. I thought it was beautiful, and on display, it looked like a bright pink. In truth, it looks more red than pink (you can tell on the CL and Nordstrom website, despite Nordstrom listing it as "pink pavot patent"), but it is still a bright, pretty color. It is my seventh CL purchase, and the only one made on a whim (that wasn't purchased during a pre-sale at the CL boutique), as I usually give thought to what I am looking to purchase next to avoid buyers remorse. I'm not opposed to keeping the shoe, as it is pretty and VERY comfortable, but I'm not sure how much wear I'll get out of it because I fear it will be difficult to pair with things. Does anyone have outfit inspiration? Or have an opinion on whether I should keep or return? I've been going back and forth for over a week now, so I'm branching out to you lovelies for advice!

    Link to the image of the shoe here. I might take one of my pair at home as well.
  2. I would return but it's not really my style so that might be why.
  3. That is so weird they would say Pavot is pink, since it is a red color. I think it is a very beautiful color, I like it in kid leather even more.
    Do you like them, not thinking about outfits, then keep them! Sometime you need to shop a couple of outfits to match your shoes!

    Do you worry the model or the color is difficult to pair?
    I can't give you much inspiration about outfits for this particular model, but as far as the color goes, a red shoe is such a classic pop color that goes well with almost everything. Maybe it's the vibrance of the color you need to get used to a little, if you don't wear a lot of bright colors in general?

    I prefer to pair red with following outfits: black and/or white outfits, both jeans/trousers and dresses, fully black or fully white outfits or combined with each other and other colors, like grey, blue, kaki, dark green, beige, ... It gives a great classic accent color to the ensemble. Red and navy are a great combination too. But it also goes well with blue jeans for a more casual look, you can wear almost any other color as a shirt/top/sweater with it.
    If you want to do some color blocking, then purple is a fun choice.
    Even with a red dress to go all red. Although, I think nude CL's go better with that.
    Bright green, yellow, orange, brown, ... I don't find a good combination, imo.

    What kind of colors do you have in your wardrobe?
  4. I don't think this is a shoe you need to match your outfits with. This is a focal point shoe. Contrast, pop of color shoe. Meaning it would look best with otherwise neutral outfit (black, grey, beige, even white). It would also look fab with a pair of jeans and a white tee. So, if you see yourself wearing something like that, keep it! :biggrin: HTH!

  5. Thank you for your input!

    So many great thoughts, thank you so much!! I thought labeling them as pink was strange too since I believe pavot translates to poppy?

    I wasn't worried about the model - just color - but today as I was trying them on again, my boyfriend said that they seemed like a going out shoe (so in his mind, a dressy shoe). I also worried because I already have a true red patent peep toe pump (Valentino d'orsay bow), and I don't know if having a slightly similar style in such a shoe is overdoing it.

    I also looked at my closet after reading your question, and I have a lot of dark colors (black, navy, grey), but not many brights. I should probably change that! But I do love how brave you are with your styling, and agree that I just love nude CLs with a red dress. The nude elongates the leg, and then the pop of red from the back...

    I do love to pair a casual outfit with a fabulous shoe!! Great idea with the jeans and white tee. And I think you're right - definitely a focal point shoe, which means the outfit is likely less important than the shoe. Thank you for commenting! ️

    This is the dress I was trying the shoes on with today!
  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459922093.751993.jpg
    Another shot because they are just so gorgeous!! And unbelievably comfortable. (I am also 3.5 months postpartum, so please excuse my less than perfect physique! )
  7. I think a heel in a guy's mind is easily considered as dressy, especially with the platform. No matter how much you down dress an outfit, with heels, you'll never look 100% casual. But that doesn't mean it is overdressed, at all.
    I wouldn't buy a third similar style in red, but two is not overdoing it at all, the more because yes, they are both peep toe heels, but still quite different and they certainly give a different feel to an outfit. The Private number is more "basic" and versatile to wear, to any occasion dressed up or down. The Valentino's (so cute, btw!) are always a little dressed up, imo.

    Well, then you actually have the perfect wardrobe to use the red heels as an accent color to your outfits. If you not used to wearing a lot of bright colors, I think accent shoes are a great way to brighten en dress up your look without leaving your comfort zone.
    Using color in an outfit, to me, is all about finding the right balance, so it looks "alive", but certainly not too much.

    That is just the perfect look! You nailed it! :tup: It truly looks gorgeous and this outfit is, to me, appropriate for any occasion really. You look very sophisticated. :okay:
    Keep the outfits coming. :biggrin:

    p.s. your physique looks amazing. ;)
  8. You look gorgeous! Definitely keep them, if they make you happy! :woohoo:
  9. Keep. They just have a way to make it look great!
  10. I would return, not really to my taste of I am totally honest. Much better styles you could get instead of these.
  11. I like them - keep :smile:

  12. You are so right about men and heels, great point! He said the strap made them seem dressier, but I actually feel like slings have a more casual feel to them. True about the Valentinos as well (and thank you, I just love them!), because they do have a consistently dressed up feel to them. I might need to play in my wardrobe using your advice, because I think the addition of a little more color could be a good thing! Very well said about balance. Thank you for your thoughts, and for your sweet words!! You're so kind!

    Thank you so much!! I so appreciate you saying that!

  13. Loveloubis and Lee - thank you both so much!! I like knowing that I'm not the only one who saw something in them! ️

    Nikki thank you for your input, and honesty!