Should they stay or should they go? Model pictures

  1. Hi everyone, wanted your opinion on these Louboutin shoes I have just bought to go will my new green spy. They are more or less the same colour as the spy and think they are the nearest green I am going to get. First time I have worn louboutin shoes, not the most comfortable but that might be because they are new. They have gold rod heels.

    Do you think they go well with my new green spy. Excuse the tags that I have left on till I decide if to keep them or not. The colour of them looks a bit different in the pictures but IRL the spy and shoes are more or less the same colour
    134_3415.JPG 134_3410.JPG 133_3399.JPG 134_3405.JPG 134_3416.JPG
  2. I have to admit I'm a bit scepticle about being able to walk shoes in. For me if they hurt as soon as they are on they are never going to get any better. :shrugs:

    I'm a massive Choo fan, and they are always comfortable the minute I try them on.

    They are gorgeous shoes though Saich, it may be worth asking the question in Glass Slipper if CL's break in well.
  3. Love the green!! The heel does look quite thin...but they are very elegant shoes..perfect to go with your BEAUTIFUL green Spy!!:drool:

  4. I think its a question of do I go for colour match and sexy shoes or comfort
  5. Well that's an easy Q to answer then - We're women style over comfort every time :roflmfao:
  6. I think they match well and you should keep them. Louboutins are a bit tight at first because they are narrow, however, they do loosen a bit. Did you size up? Maybe try a half size.
  7. I got the size I always buy in shoes, never bought a Louboutin before but could not resist these as thought they went so well with my lovely new spy. They are only a little tight where my big toe pokes through. Thats great news they loosen up.
  8. [​IMG]
    No. They don't match at all. Hideous shoes. Don't worry though, I will be happy to take those shoes off your hands:supacool:

    hee hee

    WOW Saich! TDF! Seriously gorgeous CL's with a seriously gorgeous Spy! I am green with envy :nuts: :nuts: :drool: :drool:
  9. Had me worried their for a minute siri anne. The colour really does not look the same as the spy in the pictures do not know why, but IRL I could not ask for a better colour match. I sooooooo love the red sole. Glad you like them and the spy
  10. The color match is pretty good! Is the shoe the right size though? It looks like your toe smidges over slightly, so I would also recommend going up a 1/2 size and see if it looks and feels better. It might be more comfortable.

    That said, I think it's a very good match!! :heart: :heart:
  11. Looks like a perfect match to me:yes: I am sure you will look amazing rocking the shoes and the bag:nuts:
  12. No toe not smidge over its the width at the toe point that hurts a bit, but it might get bigger with wear. The size of the shoe fits fine just think its the width. Got wide feet......:p
  13. Not a fan of the shoes - probably because I can't take my eyes off the spy! But you're right - hard to find a perfect green match. Luckily, your spy will go with many neutral colored shoes.
  14. Then it's a perfect match!!! YAY! Those shoes do look quite good with your pale British skin! :p Seriously, they do!!! I don't think I could pull them off at all, plus with my klutzy self, more likely to break my leg! Congrats on finding a good match!!!

    :heart: BL
  15. I know my legs are this awful white colour after winter cannot wait for a tan :yes: I am sort of doing a balancing act wearing them....Lol got till Monday to decide but think because the colour matches will keep them, will not be able to walk any where, but they look good and thats what matters who cares about walking....he he