Should the classic Chanel bag not be UNIQUE?

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  1. #1 Feb 10, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 10, 2010
    I'm a bag lover and love bags, I invest money in bags which has a story... :smile: Will talk further more later...

    Anyway, I moved to NYC a year ago from Switzerland. I went to an event last Thursday and I realized that every second person had a Chanel bag, in all colors, mostly black. Like the 2.55 Caviar Bag, or other classic styles.

    I was shocked, because everyone has the same, is this not bored? I do not have the black classic one. But I purchased a medium blue metallic bag and a normal big sporty trendy bag. So no one has this.

    I thought to buy a simple black bag too, but if everyone has it, I don't think so, that I want to be the same like others!

    Shouldn't it be on the limited list like Birkin? I don't know?


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  2. For me, I prefer to have a different bag than other people. I am always drawn to the tiny Chanels in pop colors, or the limited edition designs. But there is something to be said about the classic Chanel bag in a classic color. It is instantly chic, and elevates a simple outfit.
  3. True...Should be limited or something else. I don't like it to be the same like others!

    I only see in LA and NY, that every second person has MJ, Chanel, Balenciaga or Birkin bag, boooring!! Well, I do not see every second person with Birkin. :smile: But in Zurich, I've seen around 20 women with a bag! crazy???
  4. I hear you on this. Whenever I think I might edit my collection black flaps (reissue 225 ghw and caviar jumbo ghw) are pretty much last I want to keep. I love the black large camera case though. I love my cruise colors and navy flaps and gold moscou one so that I'd only part with if really need $$ someday. Lately I'm even a little bit off caviar as being almost pedestrian. sounds like combo of peoples style lack thereof for that matter or Chanel oversaturation problem....
  5. Not where I live and I live in a large city with luxury shopping. I've also never seen anyone with a Birkin or Kelly yet we have an Hermes Boutique here. So, I can't empathize with those who see their bag everywhere. I thought CHANEL raises it's prices arbitrarily, just to keep its exclusivity. However, I'm sure in fashion capitals like NYC, Chanel is a must-have no matter the price. Perhaps everyone should own the classics?
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    Surprisingly, I don't see a lot of ppl carrying Chanel flaps in DC :weird: I actually get excited when I do spot one since it's so rare.

    On the other hand, every other woman and their momma carry a Louis Vuitton purse and that's why my love for LV has died down considerably!

    By the way, I love the classic black flaps because they never go on sale, so people know that I did not buy them at a discounted price, not that there's anything wrong with that.
  7. I definitely see more people carrying chanel classic black flaps these days, and surprisingly, I also see quite a few people carrying birkins (yes, even when I was just dropping off my dry cleanings). It might be that now I'm starting to pay more attention to others carrying these purses becuz I'm into them... so I feel like there's a lot of people who carry them. But when I see them, I won't think that my chanel is less unique... I'll be happy that some others also share the same taste as me. It'd be weird to go to some place with my chanel flap where no one carries high end designer brands at all. I guess unless you custom made your bag or you purchase a really limited edition... it's hard not to see the same thing on others... after all, we all love beautiful things, right?
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    Last edited: Feb 10, 2010
    Well duh, it's NYC! :nuts: I definitely saw many people carrying Chanel/Hermes/LV etc when I lived there, especially in the lower Manhattan area. I also see many high-end designer bags in the more affluent Asian cities. It doesn't really make me feel that my bag isn't unique though; I enjoy the eye candy. And anyhow, it's not the bag but how you wear it that makes all the difference... ;)

    If being unique means that much to you, perhaps you could get a bag custom-made instead, or purchase a one-of-a-kind creation (on etsy for example). :idea:
  9. ^:P Haha, yeah exactly, NYC boasts a ton of fashion conscious and brand loving women... I'm not surprised at all. If I had a dollar for every Chanel/Hermes/LV I saw on the UES (where I am) and elsewhere, I could probably buy a freakin' boutique. :P However, where my parents live (and this is less than two hours from nyc), I've seen exactly ONE authentic Chanel bag in the past five years (and 293829328 Coach bags). :smile:

    You have to think about where you are IMO. Obviously, there are some areas/states where the most common bag is ____ or ____ (insert whatever :P), but nyc is what it is. I personally adore my colorful flaps/reissues and don't see them nearly as often as the black lamb/caviar medium/Jumbo, but I still enjoy carrying my "common" bags. :smile: If it truly bothers you, you could look into more unique, statement making pieces or perhaps less common colors. :flowers:
  10. I think a classic Chanel bag is unique. It's not the "it" bag of the moment (which to me is not unique). I guess you can go with the custom-made option where you can pick out the colors, add your initials, etc... Personally, I'm a fan of Chanel because it's a classic. It has stood the test of time. That to me is unique.

  11. same.. I like the more unusual Chanel bags for this exact reason
  12. haha!!! # of coach bags--too funny! i see A HECKUVA lot of chanel on upper east side but also oddly on subway to and from brooklyn these days (some not real, but some definitely real!) i definitely think there is more of it around, even in nyc, than there was not even too long ago. at least that's how it seems to me.
  13. amen!
  14. This exact thought popped into my mind when I was debating my first Chanel purchase

    I went total opposite with my first purchase, and figured my 2nd one I would get the classic black flap, but i got something else totally different and not black.

    I love the classic flap, but i really love that I have a bag that isn't popular
  15. I'm sure that Chanel is more popular in some places than others! Where I live it is not common but I have to agree that its all about the way you wear it! :tup: