Should the bag have arrived already?

  1. I sent a bag to the UK on the 21st via Priority Mail Int'l using the flat rate box. She hasn't received it yet. Is this normal?

    Pleeeease tell me it's normal.:confused1:
  2. Do you have the tracking# available? That's why is better to use Express Mail internatinal. I always have problems sending via Priority, either they don't track the packages, they stay too long at customs, etc. Maybe this is the case, the bag may be hold in customes for a few day.
  3. i think its normal i had a bag from california shipped out to me and it took like 4 weeks
  4. Okay, that makes me feel a bit better. Thanks!

    To Miss Crystal, did your seller use the flat rate priority box, too?

    I also think maybe during the holidays, stuff slows down...? I WISH I'd used Express!!
  5. yeah.. it took awhile but i got it lol :yahoo:
  6. It can be possible because the post office doesn't work on holidays. It should take 3 weeks tops (in my experience). Don't worry yet.
  7. i've had stuff take 3-4 weeks before and that was with express too, don't worry yet, but I'd definately use express next time.
  8. good to know, thanks SO much for everyone's input!!