should she be given a refund?

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    omg you made my night.. i feel bad for that girl.. thats messed up! thanks for posting
  2. Woah!
  3. WOW--is that why her closet is on sale?!
  4. yikes!:nuts:
  5. is it me or one of her breast is bigger than the other one?
  6. :wtf::nuts::Push:
  7. Oh my!! Def get yr money back girl! :sos:
  8. I think the left breast just settled a bit sooner,like you said it does happen.
    I have a couple of friends that had implants and they went thru the same thing.
    Forgive me for saying but I doubt most of you ladies have perfect bodies so why would you be so quick to make fun of this young woman :rolleyes: !
  9. ^^ i'm with you and think one is just faster to settle.
  10. I agree it's not nice to talk smack about people you don't even know! That's just wrong calling her out like that.:Push:
  11. I had no idea that when they settle there was that big of a difference! Whoa...I definitely dont have a perfect body. But then again I am not the one showcasing my tatas on Ebay. :heart:
  12. The girls are right, it can take 6 months for implants to 'drop' into place. She said her enhancement is new. . . cut a girl some slack!
  13. Actually, I would be mortified if someone posted a thread on a public website/Forum just to make fun of me . . . I'm closing this.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.