should seller pay me custom charges back when SNAD?

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  1. Hi everyone .
    I purchased pre-loved LV Speedy from Japan. On the photos the bag looked very good , almost too good to be true . Prior me hitting the Buy now button I emailed to the seller asking specially about state of the handles if there any cracks or dryness. He never responded but I decided to risk it as he had 2 weeks no question asked refund policy .
    When the bag arrived I was shocked as the handles were literally coming off as very dry , you could just gently press them and almost the handle broke off . So in twenty minutes I was in my Post Office sending the bag back and of course I emailed to the seller that the bag is in worst condition than stated . So he refunded me the money for the bag, but what about the custom charges I paid ?
    I know that custom charges have nothing to do with seller but in this case if he would responded to my first email than the transaction would not happened and there would be no charges . I asked Ebay and they said it between seller and me ...
  2. In the US, there is a box to check that states returned merchandise. Do you have that on your form there?
  3. Sorry i am not sure what you mean ?
  4. In Canada, when you are returning something that you payed import taxes on, you can apply to get them refunded. I suggest contacting your country's customs office & they should be able to help you.

  5. Unfortunately, you took a chance by not waiting for the seller to respond
    about the condition of the handles.

    Did your seller refund you the shipping?? If so, that could go towards
    whatever you had to pay in custom fees if you don't get the fees back

    You might want to contact customs & explain that
    the bag has been returned.. if they choose to refund the custom charges
    you will be lucky... you never know til you make the call..

    Do you have a copy of the paperwork that you submitted when you
    sent the bag back?? You can show that and customs will see that
    the bag has been returned..

    Good luck...& update us about the outcome
  6. Why should the seller refund you for living in a country that has import taxes? This is between you and HMRC. Telephone HMRC and ask them for copies of the appropriate paperwork for claiming a refund of customs charges for returned goods. It will take several weeks but it's not up to the seller to refund you. You will need:

    * details of the original import;
    * details of refund from the seller;
    * details of you returning the item to the seller.

    If you're shopping internationally then you need to familiarise yourself with the processes in place to deal with such situations.

    8.00 am to 6.00 pm, Monday to Friday
    0845 010 9000
  7. Sorry. I misunderstood. Can you file for a refund of the customs fees through your customs office?

    The seller is not responsible for refunding them.

  8. I'm sorry but I don't understand the last comment in your post. Some seller take while to respond to questions especially for who live in different country.
    If you decided not purchase the bag, you wouldn't have had this transaction and there would be no hassle to deal with the import tax refund.
    Next time, I hope you would be more careful with purchasing internationally.
  9. Ive obtained a refund of customs charges after a return, from hmrc. you need to take it up with them, not the seller. From hmrc's website:

    What to do if you return the goods after you've paid tax and/or duty

    If you return goods to the sender after you've paid duty and/or tax you can ask the UKBA for a refund. You'll need to claim in writing within three months. Write to the address on your charge label and enclose:

    the original charge label
    the Customs Declaration and the part of the packaging showing your address
    a certificate of posting to prove you've sent the goods back

    If you can't provide all these, UKBA may reject your claim.
  10. Thank you all for reply , was whole day out, now got in but have a little baby running here ..will write more when everyone asleep ...
  11. Thank you everyone for reply .
    I purchased from the seller twice before .
    The first purchase several months ago was actually same as this one : Lv cross body style bag, the strap was totally dry with major crack, again nothing about that in description.
    It was my first purchase from Japan, I paid customs fees but returned the bag. I never thought of claiming the customs or postage back from the seller . I also never opened SNAD case , I only returned the bag and seller issued refund .
    The second purchase in April was a almost new LV wallet in Epi .No problems and great friendly communication with seller .
    So when I saw this Speedy I still emailed him to make sure that it won't be like the first buy. I waited 3 days if he responses and in the end went for it.
    So when the bag came I got really upset , as the vachetta handles needed literally to be changed for new ones ..and none of this was mentioned in listings, in a fact there was nothing which would suggest cracks etc.
    So this is what made me think about the customs charges as this is second time I lost money with same seller .
    I know you could ask why did I buy from him again after the first negative experience ?
    Well I sort of thought that was one -off , specially after the second item(epi wallet ) I got from him was even in better condition than described ..and the Speedy looked great in description/pictures.
    Sorry for long post .
    Oh yes about the postage : I phoned Ebay and they offered me a voucher in value what I paid for postage £24.50.
    And I am familliar with international purchases, ordered items
    from US , China ..I don't mind paying customs fees as long the item is in described condition.
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    After your first experience, probably would not have purchased from this seller
    again, but understand your motives..

    Think you need to ask more questions & get better & clearer pictures in the
    future and remember a picture is worth a thousand words & if a seller takes
    too long perhaps to answer there is something to hide..

    That was also nice of ebay to give a voucher to you...
  13. That's called the Casual Tax Refund. Google it for the form, print, fill out + proof of the item having left the country, and they will review it and then send you a cheque for the amount you paid. I did this last year to get $30 back for something I had shipped into Canada from the US.

    This will be refunded to you by the government, because it's the government who collected your import taxes. So the Casual Tax Refund will be a government form.
  14. Yes I will be more careful in future . When you say that,, pic is worth thousands words,, actually reminds me : when purchasing that epi wallet from this seller , I had it authenticated here on PF and Addy/Lee asked for pic of datecode, so I emailed the seller about it , but his response was they can't take photo of datecode as the wallet is somewhere packed or sealed ...luckily it turned out well.