Should SA's treat me bad???

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  1. Just becuz im not very handsome:confused1:
  2. Strange question...but of course not. Have you had a bad experience at a store?
  3. Hahahahaa - it's an inverse "Don't hate me 'cos I'm beautiful!' :lol:

    Well I wouldn't expect so - after all, no matter how fug the customer might be, their money sure all looks the same. On a personal note, I have a face like a smashed crab, and they're still all lovely to me.. :shrugs:

    So why on earth do you assume it's because of your looks? Maybe it was the bagperson clothes you may have been wearing, or the fake Louis you were carrying! Or the awful odour you were emitting... :throwup:

    *I'm joking here! I'm sure you don't smell that bad..*
  4. electropop don't be so down. Just because one or two SA treated you bad doesn't mean it's because of your look or your age or your appearance it's just them. As a SA they should respect their customer no matter what and give the highest service they can give. Unfortunately in this not so perfect world we often met a very rude SA and they can ruin your shopping experience and ruin your entire day. Don't be discourage there are good SA exist and one day you will meet them and it will change your entire point of view :smile: and they will put a smile on your face. cheers dear !!!
  5. Maybe I am ugly... I do get my fair share of bad treatment from LV in the past.
  6. Is this a serious question?
  7. that shouldnt not be the way SA treat customer..:cursing: i will tell their manager
  8. i would have started to cry! on purpose

    and when a kind SA comes up and says...what's wrong?

    i'll point and say...'She said my face doesn't suit with any Louis Vuitton bag!!! and said some people these days!'

    and wow...the one that treated you/me bad...would be like...WHAT??? and speechless! lol
  9. nah i think that SA's provide a service dependent on your attitude with them. I try and be soooo nice because i want goodies! lol just my personal method i suppose :smile:
  10. try to be nice with them and I'm sure that they'll do the same to you. But if they are not, just leave the store, anyway you are the one with the money, customer is the king. So the decision is in your hand.
  11. I agree Tef.

  12. I think we need pictures to confirm the level of ugliness......
  13. Could this be an April Fools question?????
  14. Electropop, you're 16-could be suffering from a little teenage insecurity? Don't sweat it; just treat others the way you'd like to be treated (nicely, I will assume) and if that doesn't work-ahhhh, screw 'em and find another SA or boutique altogether to patronize.
  15. My thoughts exactly ...