Should Prostitution Be Legal ?

  1. There are some women's groups that consider prostitutes as victims; others regard them as 'sex workers with rights'

    In The Netherlands prostitution is legal for European Union Residence.

    What's your opinion, should prostitution be legal ?
  2. In an ideal world, I think prostitution should be illegal but at least, if it is legalized, then perhaps better social protection could be afforded to prostitutes.
    And it could go a long way towards halting violent crimes against them, which go unreported for fear of being jailed for being prostitutes.

    Those in Holland are indeed sex workers who have rights and obligations, where as the vast majority of undeclared women (and unfortunatly girls) elsewhere are victims being exploited.
  3. i think AS LONG AS THEY DO IT BY THEIR OWN WILL, it should be legal. i mean, those girls might be more innocent than politician :P
  4. NO, i don't think it should be legal in America only because people wouldn't know how to handle it.
  5. Yes I think it should be legal.

    While I personally do not plan to be a prostitute or use one, :lol: I don't think it's my right or the govn't's right to legislate my values on other people. If it is legalized and regulated, as in the brothels in Nevada, it is safer for everyone involved (regular testing for communicable diseases/AIDS/HIV, overall health, liscensed).
  6. totally for it :yes:
  7. I have issues with people stating that women in the sex industy are "Victims" because that implies that the women are too inept and stupid to make their own choice. I think that's belittling to all women in general.
  8. It may be the oldest profession in the Bible but I just don't believe it should be legal.
  9. :yes: I agree. I am all for it. What other people do on their own time doesnt bother me. Plus as Japster said - it would make it safer.
  10. LEGALIZE! Safer for everyone! Prostitution is going to happen whether its legal or not, legalize and at least the government can tax the proceeds and make testing for STDs mandetory. The brothels in Nevada seem to be a good business plan roll model.
  11. I was watching johnny duetsch (sp) last night on the immigrant prostitution thing and it had these young girls running into the woods and having sex with men and they were saying how these girls were being pushed into it yadda yadda but these girls had *extra* clothes in their backpacks such as *mini* skirts and such so I just think it's a load of crap. They know what they are doing and they are taking the money. Give me a break. How can someone *unknowingly* have all the stuff they need to sell sex with them and be *pushed* into having sex with men when they are more than ready to do it. I didn't see one of them fight any of these men. Whatever.
  12. I absolutely agree that it should be legalized. It is safer for everyone are protected from STDS/AIDS, etc. and the women are protected from both abuse and STDS/AIDS (brothels requiring protection).
    Everyone benefits I takes the girls off the streets and helps clean up a city, governments can now tax workers, workers receive benefits like every other worker (SSI), and it keeps people safe.
  13. I think it should be illegal. There would be so many people being infected w/ various diseases. Even if they get tested sometimes it won't show up right away so that person could have HIV & pass it around to her "customers". Just like a pregnancy can't be detected right after conceiving. Not only that but young girls, underage girls (not legal) would be doing it w/ men three times their ages. Maybe it's just me but I think it's wrong...
  14. Yes, I think it should be legal.

    I think drugs should be legal, too. And taxed, and regulated. But that's just me. ;)
  15. It should be legal and regulate. Benifit to all, the girl, the customer, and society.