Should post pics but repair question...

  1. I have my very first LV (that was given by girlfriend 8 years ago) which is the silver grafitti pochette. The end where the zipper is, is coming unattached, like it needs some stitches... I HATE to send it away for repair, can't stand to be parted, but am afraid to take it to a local repair shop for tweaking for fear of botch job.

    Do you think I should send it away? It's a super easy job, but I think I feel better if LV actually performs it correctly. It's my baby baby:confused1: :heart:
  2. send it to LV, that way you will be assured that it's done RIGHT :yes:
  3. yup just mail it off. mine only took a little less than two months with my strap repair. the time flies by fast.
  4. Send it to LV...not only do you take a risk in the cobbler botching the bag, but also LV won't repair any bags/accessories if they've been "altered" by someone other than themselves. :yes:

    Don't worry! Sending out repairs sucks, but time does fly...and you'll be happy with the results!
  5. Thanks, I'll do that... I really wanna get it fixed!
  6. Awww... the wait may sound like a looong time, but time really does fly by fast!
  7. Definitely have LV fix it! You're lucky to have gotten a silver graffiti pochette and don't worry, the time will go by quickly!
  8. Thanks you all! I ADORE my grafitti pochette, need the professionals to take care of it... thanks!
  9. I wouldn't trust it to anyone else! :smile:
  10. I agree, send it into Louis Vuitton and have it done correctly.