should or shouldnt buy bubbles earring,ring, bracelet

  1. Hi ,,,

    I cnt make decision..
    i should or shouldnt buy the bubble ring and bracelet..
    pls help!!:confused1:
    m65424-0.jpg m65419-0.jpg m65429-0.jpg
  2. i think you should...apart from the fact that it's Louis Vuitton, I think the design is soo unique and cute...Go for it!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  3. Will you wear them? If so, then go for it!
  4. i think i choose bracelet...

    ring is too big size and cnt adjust,,,
  5. I love the earrings. :yes:
  6. The earrings are really cute, and the ring is okay in terms of design, but that bracelet looks like it would get annoying/uncomfortable after a while, but that's just me ^^
  7. See how they fit on you and then decide :yes: If there are no problems, then buy all!
  8. ring.. is quite big and cnt adjust..

    and bracelet.. i choose for it.. 840KR in Norway
    and earring .... i ve no idea..

    cnt make deciosn..

    pls help!! for vote..
  9. they are way overpriced for what they are IMO
  10. YES
    they are so cute!
  11. I think the earrings are cool....
  12. not a fan of the bracelet but love the ring and earrings.
  13. Íwouldn't buy it i don't like them but if you do, go for it!
  14. I have the earrings and they are really cute, so I vote yes for the earrings.

    As for the rings - I tried them on and the desing is awkard, they tend to stick up in a weird way so I'd vote against them.

    Haven't seen the bracelet IRL so no opions on them, sorry.
  15. ^I second everything that J said.