Should or Should not - I get this Vintage Chanel ??

  1. Hi Guys!!!!! Need some opinion for this vintage Chanel !!!
    Please help me decide !! do u think this bag look nice?
    I am kinda like it :heart: but, still not so sure whether the shape has a funny- looking :sweatdrop:

    What do u guys think? thanks so much

  2. forget to mention about the is a jumbo size bag ( around 15 inches' wide !!!! :smile:
  3. Guysss, PLEASEEEEE I need some comments
    Thank u :smile:
  4. I think its cool, eally eye catching and would personally get it myself
  5. I like it. I love the vintage bags, but only if they are in excellent condition. I think it is unique and striking.
  6. i think its cute...get it!
  7. Hmmmmm I prefer the classic flap if it's vintage.
  8. if it's in good condition and at a good price, I would!
  9. :heart:that's gorgeous! i've always had a thing for vintage chanels and their hugeeeee CC logos. i say get it, if the condition's perfect! :smile:
  10. Yes!
  11. it's ok. i don't like the shape.
  12. hehehe thanks so much :smile:
    i think i will get this one ....
  13. I like vintage and this bag looks to be in great shape. This is something that not everyone else is going to have. It is unique. The quilting on this bag is beyond fabulous. If the price is right, go for it. It's a really nice find.
  14. I'm not fond of the shape.
  15. Sorry.. The shape looks weird to me. I personally don't like it. But if you really love it go for it, but have to make sure the price is cheap ha..ha..