Should or can I put Apple Guard on my New Whiskey Legacy Slim Flap??

  1. I bought the ALI Slim Flap in Whiskey and LOVE IT!! I want to take good care of it and those of you that have the Whiskey Leather how do you care for it??

    Have you put Apple Guard on it?? I have some but am afraid to use it on it.
  2. I would not personally do anything to it. The whiskey tends to spot with anything wet so you don't want to take the chance that it will have uneven color or spot or become darker except for natural aging. The legacy leather is naturally vegetable tanned Vachetta leather and you should avoid rain anyway so I would just not treat it at all and follow the instructions on the care card.
  3. Checkout the ali thread.. there are a lot of posts on this, several girls have done it, several have not. I have put apple on my ali that I had, but it was the brown color, but ultimately it is up to you. :yes:
  4. NO WAY :wtf:... leave it be. A lot of people like to AG there LV but for me I like when the leather ages/turns and just think it adds to the beauty of the leather. This is just my 0.02 cents worth but I vote NO!
    Congrats on your new bag
  5. I know it's not recommended but I actually used the Coach moisturizer on my whiskey hippie. It came from the outlet last spring and was pretty beat up so the moisurizer actually helped her look better. She still looks great! I'd listen to the gals on the Ali thread before I make up my mind.
  6. Will the apple guard make it spotted? I love the Whiskey color and want to keep it looking Beautiful! Rain will cause it to spot also?? Good thing it doesn't rain much in Sunny San Diego!!!
  7. ^^
    i honestly have no idea about the apple guard but the coach moisturizer did not cause it to look spotted. it actually deepened the color and evened out the scratches. i did take my time and worked the conditioner in really well in circular motions with an old cotton cloth. i also honestly don't remember about the rain spotting it but i carried it for about a month and 1/2 during july and august and cannot remember if it even rained...
    i think it might spot temporarily from water but would even back out as the moisture dries.
  8. I use Wilson's leather protector on every bag I own. It has never spotted or discolored anything, and it protects the bag from water damage from rain really well. It is up to you - some people prefer to use a protector and some prefer to keep their bags all natural. I've never used Apple Guard, though, so I can't speak to that directly.
  9. I have the whiskey Leigh and I put on a leather protector from Wilson's also. It didn't do anything to the leather, and then a rain storm came! The leather is completely the same, there were a few wet spots but those dried up and doesn't show on the leather! It is completely up to you.