Should new Chanel glasses from saks come with cleaning cloth?

  1. I just bought them and expected a cleaning cloth but the SA said you use the cloth case? Does that sound correct??
  2. all of my Chanel's have come with a cleaning cloth in a hard case. My Dolce's have a cleaning cloth sleeve they go in, inside the hard case.
  3. I have bought 4 pairs of Chanel sunglasses and each has come with a cleaning cloth bag.
  4. absolutely!
  5. It depends on the style and which season the glasses were produced. The last two pairs I purchased came with the tan cleaning cloth bag rather than the cleaning cloth.

    Hope this helps
  6. Some of my glasses from Chanel boutique did not come with a cloth. They came with a cloth bag that is the same material as the cleaning cloth.
  7. My latest pair of Chanel sunglasses came with the cleaning cloth bag. All previous ones came with only a cleaning cloth. So I guess all the new ones have the little bag.
  8. This is true! My most recent pair came with the cloth case (and hard case) while the pair I purchased last year came with the cleaning cloth and no cloth case.
  9. All my olders glasses...have just a cleaning cloth
    Now the newer ones I have purchased have the cleaning cloth bag..
    I actually enjoy the bag better than the cloth..
    I love this bag now that protects the glasses also in side the case...
  10. I wondered about that! Mine came with a beige, cleaning cloth bag.
  11. T hanks! So the biege bag IS for cleaning too.
  12. I thought the bag was great seems like they could scratch banging around in the case.
  13. Oh I didn't know that! So I can just clean it with either the inside or the outside of the cloth bag?
  14. Newer chanels come with a cleaning cloth bag(soft case) that can be used in lieu of the hard case(you get both) but also serves as the cleaning cloth.
    I thought it was a great idea on Chanel's part to do so because some cases do not fit in my smaller bags but the cleaning case fits in any bag!
  15. Are the glasses safe if you put them in your bag just in the cloth case?