Should my SA told me to wait?

  1. Hi ladies,

    I'm a little miffed/annoyed for a petty reason. I realize this isn't a big deal, but I'm just curious about your opinion.

    Yesterday I went into Banana Republic and dropped quite a lot of cash ($500+ for a suit and a couple sweaters). One SA helped me the entire time, and he was perfectly nice and put me into this huge, out-of-the-way dressing room I never even knew about.

    This morning, I get an email saying that starting today, if you get a $25 gift card for every $150 you spend. Well, imagine how many $25 gift cards I coul have received.

    I feel like my sales associate should have offered to put the stuff on hold for a day since I'm sure he knew about this new promotion beforehand.

    What do you gals think?
  2. I think you should go back and get your gift cards. It shouldn't be that big of a deal. Now if they say no, then drop the merchandise on the table and return it. Then go elsewhere or rebuy it from them.
  3. I agree with elongreach!!!!
  4. I agree too! They should have told you. :cursing:
  5. I work for BR and in all fairness, some stuff we don't know about in advance. This is one of those situations, because I didn't know until I went in today..

    But, because you purchased the items ahead of the promotion, you may not be able to take advantage of the giftcard promo. Try to talk to your SA or store manager they may be able to help you. :yes:
  6. That's totally the thing to do! Makes complete sense. I don't see why they wouldn't give you the gift cards and save themselves the energy of ringing every item you purchased all over again in addition to scanning and returning every one of those items from your previous purchase. :yes:
  7. So...what happened did you go back and talk to someone at BR about it?
  8. I think you are right. He should have put them on hold for you. If I were you I'd go back and request gift cards.
  9. as long as you ask nicely, i don't think they'd have any problem doing a refund-rebuy for you so you could get the giftcards. if not, return it and buy it at another BR! but if their giftcards package out the way ours at best buy do, it doesn't hurt their stores' sales numbers and they'd obviously want to keep a good customer happy.
  10. That may be true that in all fairness the SA helping you didn't know so it's not like he purposely withheld information from you.

    However, I don't think there's ANY reason why IntlSet cant take advantage of the giftcard promo. Like others have posted, it'd just be easier for the store, its employees, and of course IntlSet if they just gave her the giftcards, but if it's a matter of tracking the giftcards to purchase invoice #s, then there's no choice, but to return everything and then re-buy everything. But there's no way that they should refuse you to the point where you have to return everything out of principle and then trek all the way to another store to buy the items you want!!
  11. I agreee it's not like you bought clothign a week ago, it was a day later. Better yet do the return and make sure a different SA gets creidt for your sale.
  12. If they did know he should have told you. Go in and ask for the giftcards. If they say no return it all.
    They have an open ended return policy.
  13. You absolutely MUST do this. That is ridiculous! I would be sooo pi$$ed if this happened. You also have to be 100% prepared to return all the stuff. Hell, I wouldn't want it if they don't fork over the gift cards!
  14. YES, go back!!! Thats so rude of him because it doesn't take money out of his pocket!! If he refuses go repurchase it from another SA and never come back to him again!!
  15. do this-- go back in and buy all the same exact things and get your gift cards and then go back and return all the stuff you originally bought.. if you go to the store manager they are going to tell you no, theres nothing they can go...and will look at u crazy when you return and rebuy and they no why you are doing it...i would not even mention anything about u bought this stuff already.. they can refuse the return if they want to....and they just might-if u get a crappy store manager....