Should my Lv's come to Europe with me?

  1. Hey everybody!

    Recently, I found out that I am going on a trip to Italy. I was really excited to bring a couple of my louis vuitton purses, but now im not so sure...
    It might seem like a wierd reason, but im scared of gypsies!
    I have heard so many stories of them stealing purses from people, or cutting off the handles and running away with them!

    I know there is less crime in Italy than in the city of LA alone, but im not an experienced traveler (frist time in europe!)... I am always responsible with my stuff, but will my purses be happier at home?
    i plan on bringing my neverfull and my chanel cambon tote, assuming that they would be safe there
    Thanks so much for your input guys!

    P.S. (off topic, but didn't want to start a new thread) Should bring all euro, a mixture of euro and my credit card, or euro and an ATM card?

    thanks again!
  2. Take one or two of your LV's - but if you go to Naples, I would be extra careful.

    I am so jealous - I want to go to Italy now !!!
  3. oh- and take Euro and your ATM card. You always end up spending more than you planned...
  4. Yeah I'd only take maybe one or two....probably one though.

    And that story is definitely true, my friend's ex's mom used to live there and once she said she was standing at a corner waiting to cross with a group of people and later on, she realized someone sliced a hole in the bottom of her bag (not a designer one) to try to get her wallet out. They weren't able to get it though, thank goodness.
    I'd take a shoulder bag and keep ahold of it at all times.
  5. Hi, I dont think you should be more careful than anywhere else in the world. But I would take euro and card because you never know when you might use it :smile:
  6. I've never had a gypsy cut my handle... sounds interesting though hehe
  7. I would only take one !
  8. I think though, these stories can happen anywhere, It really depends were your going, you have to be more careful, but like I said, anywhere this can happen. Ive been lots of places in europe ( I live there LOL) but Ive never had it happen to me.
  9. I usually carry a cross-body style bag when travelling about in the daytime to make things more difficult for any purse-snatchers! I heard that it is a good idea to brinng your LV receipts with you (for your own bags and of course new purchases) for customs.
  10. When I was in Milan, traveling for business, we saw a purse snatcher run right past us at lighting speed. Just carry your purse really close to you and keep it on you at all times. My male co-workers always made me walk in between them.

    Bring Euros, exchange them while your in the US. If you are going to use a card, you should find out how much your bank or credit card charges you for foreign transactions, most of them have an additonal fee. If you buy a bag there remember to stop by the tax place (can't remember the "official" name) at the airport to claim your tax back!
  11. I agree with a cross-body bag. I found it is easier to go around (no bulk). Mono Danube is a good example of a bag that would hold essentials. Regardless of a bag, I would only take one bag.

    Money--you may want to check with your bank (ATM card) as they may charge a fee if you use in other countries.
  12. I would just take the one bag that can bring you from day to night.

    My papillon 26 is my work and travel and everything else in-between bag because it is able to get quite a big of stuff inside, yet is able to be a slightly formal bag if needed. :heart:
  13. what? you can do that? how does that work?

    p.s. are there fees for international credit card transactions?
  14. true, but you aren't exactly the wimpiest looking person ever, lol!
  15. I would only take one bag...especially since I would not want to pack my designer bags and check that luggage. I agree with madaddie - take a bag that can go from day to night. Or perhaps a day bag and a nice clutch or something for night. You must be so excited for your trip!