Should my Expandable flap be collapsible too? WTH??!

  1. I recently scored my HG bag - the Expandable flap in camel, the one from last year with the double chains not joined together at the top ($2395 tax-free, sent to me from a Saks in TX, instead of the new price of $2650 :yes:) . Only a few left in the country in this color. I carried her for the first time today and she sags alot at the top, in the middle. Is this normal? I adore and rather like the idea of a slouchy flap, but just wondered from other Expandable flap owners if yours does this too?

  2. mine does that too, so when i use it, i put more things inside.
  3. yep..I fill mine alot so it doesnt sag...I like smushy bags though!
  4. thankey!!! lol
  5. Ohhh, congrats on scoring your HG Claudia!! :yahoo: I have the new single strap Dark Brown Exp. flap, and like both laksalala and Jill said, it is "normal" haha. :p I usually ball up my dustbag, throw my sunnies and wallet, etc. inside and hope that it doesn't collapse inwards too much. :p

    A pfer had an ingenious idea (which I tried once)... I think it was missisa07 :tup:... she mentioned taking a shopping bag (the right size obviously hehe) and cutting it down so it fit inside the exp. flap, creating a barrier around the inside perimeter so the bag wouldn't sag as much! :nuts: Anyway, whether you do that or not, who cares hehe, because you found your HG (and tax free at the old price, no less), yay!! :love: :flowers:
  6. thanks fieryfashionist, i will try the shopping bag trick!
  7. Minal, you know that would drive me absolutely batty, so I can safely scratch this bag off my wish-list, beautiful as it may be! (And Claudia, the beige is TDF in this style so if you can live with the collapsable flap do it!!)

    Congrats on your HG!
  8. Aww, no problem laksalala (just passing on an ingenious tip)! :flowers:

    Haha Roey, I know it would drive you crazy... it drives me crazy too, but (*ducking to avoid you beating my butt* :sweatdrop:), I haven't carried my exp. flap too much yet to require a lengthy stay at the insane asylum haha. :p
  9. I have the 07 version, and I dont have that problem BUT then again, I dont put too much inside my bag, just the norm i.e.sunglases w/case, wallet, cell phone and make up bag and even if it did, is just such a beautiful bag that I prob. wouldn't care:tup:, btw, congrats on finding your bag, love the camel color too!