Should my DH and I buy our first home? Questions...

  1. Well, my DH and I have been looking at homes in a nearby community to my parents home because we would like to venture off and independisize ourselves. As much as we love my parents and they love us, we really do need our own home so we can start living like our own little family. Except I have 2 things in the way:

    1) I am extremely close with my dad and it would break his heart if we were to leave. He wont even talk about it with me, only that he doesnt want me to leave.
    2.) My DH is the only one that is workign right now. He makes pretty good money but in order for us to really be able to afford our home comfortably we will need for me to work atleast part time. I wanted to go to college full time so I can get my degree. He refuses to let me give up on college, but what do you guys think? What kind of work could I do now that is part time and will allow me to finish school and still have time in the evenings with my kids? I was thinking something secretarial or receptionist....
  2. school and work+ taking care of a child is not easy. If I were in your situation I would stay put until I'm done with school. Once your done with school you can get a full time job that will probably pay a nice salary and your child will be older.

  3. I agree also
  4. I think you should definitely finish your degree. If you don't you'll regret it later. If you're really looking to venture out on your own, I'd make sure that DH is putting some of his salary aside for a down payment. The more money you have prior to a home purchase, the better off you'll be.
  5. Agree.

    I know your dad loves you, but it is better to have your own place once the time is right.
  6. ITA
  7. I agree with everyone else for your particular situation. Finish your degree--you will not regret it ever and then you guys can look for a house.

    I'm sure you can save a lot of money now towards your house while you are living with your family. So that is the bright side to this. So when the time is right--you will have the funds to do it correctly.
  8. school is the most important thing, IMO. Wait a few years when you are financially stable enough to venture out on your own. Without a degree, times can EASILY get tough with a mortgage to pay...I know way too many stories on how people put their education on the backburner and never got around to getting that degree. don't let that be you!!
    best of luck to you...consider yourself blessed that you have such a loving family! :heart: :tender:
  9. if you are able to stay put, raise your baby, go to school, with all that support, then i say stay!!! there's plenty of time to get that first home, and it will be much easier when your schooling is done, the babies are in school, etc. you are fortunate- enjoy it!
  10. I agree you should finish your degree before moving. It will be easier in the long run. I just purchased my first home and it is so expensive!
    Another thing you shouldn't worry about is your father. It's so great that you have such a close relationship, but you do need to leave eventually. It would be healthier for you to "live as your own little family". It;s hard to leave your parents, but it's the way life is.
    Good luck with your difficult decisions.
  11. I agree w/everyone else, finish school.

    Besides home prices are dropping and I would wait til they drop more, especially living in socal where house prices are through the roof!! IMO you would be working just to pay for daycare for the kids! So where's the logic in that, KWIM?
  12. definitely finish your degree! how much longer do you need? it gives you more time to save money for a house and become financially stable. after you get your degree, the jobs you can get will be a lot better. if you work, go to school, and take care of the kids, you'll burn out.

    good luck!