Should my card have been charged already?

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  1. I called Barneys BH on Saturday afternoon and purchased a pair of a shoes. BH didn't have them so they had to check with another store which showed on the computer as being available. SA said she would call Sunday if there was a problem but there shouldn't be. I checked my CC and it isn't showing a hold or that I've been charged and I am admittedly a tad concerned. I really want them so if she can't find them, I would like to start calling around. I know some times it can take a few days but it doesn't prevent me from being paranoid. I figure I will call today after they open to double check. Any thoughts?
  2. I know some charges won't show in your CC for few days, however to make sure the shoes is yours, give them a call now!
  3. Barney's always takes forever to show up on my card.
  4. they can place a "hold" or "pending" on a CC; fairly common practice. They run the card but dont finalize the purchase. If they dont finalize it within a few days, it just goes bye bye.
  5. Now I'm a bit worried. I can't get a hold of the SA and there isn't even a hold on my cc... my full credit limit is there. :sad: They sure aren't being too helpful. I guess I'll just keep trying.