Should my bag look like this? Should I keep it or no?


To keep or not to keep?

  1. Keep it!

  2. Return it!

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  1. This question comes about as a reaction to this thread
    which is basically about the same bag, same style...and I suspect it is the exact same bag from Bluefly. I bought it at $1880 and then 20% off of that. The bag is gorgeous but I am worried that I might have a "weird" gauffre! Also, its a tad smaller than I had envisioned but I do love the shape of it and how it wears so beautifully via crossbody.

    All in all, I think that I would feel so much better if I heard your guys' opinions about whether or not you yourself would keep the bag.

    Any thoughts are appreciated!


  2. A few more pics
  3. The markings on that bag are unsightly and not what mine looks like at all. If you like it then great. If not I would return it.
  4. ^LOL, so I take it you don't like it?

    Your's really doesnt look like that at all?
  5. ladysalesrep can you share a picture of yours up close for comparison

    i certainly havent ever been in the presence of prada like this but it does seem a little different then web pictures

    gung i think its def. smaller then i thought it would be and honestly to me its just ok ,,,, :sad: i am not in love with it for that price im sorry! :sad:
  6. Here are some other pics of mine, albeit dark. The markings on mine are softer and lighter, more natural.
    PradaGauffreSatchelCloseup.jpg PradaGauffreSatchelInterior.jpg PradaGauffreSatchelBottom.jpg PradaGauffreSatchelFront.jpg PradaGauffreSatchelSide.jpg
  7. ladysalesrep, point blank: Do you think the bag I have is ugly? Im sorry for asking but I kind of need an in-my-face blunt response to help me out here. LOL, I guess Im stuck on the idea of getting it for a good price
  8. They look a little different than the guaffre I had. Yours seem to be blunt and stand out to where the one I had kind of blended. Still a cute bag. But if it bugs you right now and you are questioning it, it probably always will.
  9. Ladysalesrep195

    By the way, where did you buy yours! ITS GORGEOUS!
  10. I can only reply with my own opinion. If I received that bag I would return it as the markings looks too dark for my taste.

    It is your opinion that matters.
  11. oh ladysales i do see the difference !!! the marks look like they blend very well into the leather, like they sort of disappear into the lighter color

    on the one gung got they look very severe like painted on in some sense,,,

    i think its a nice bag but i think that the markings that dont blend make it look sort of unnatural and gung i know you got a great price :sad: but thats not always the most imp. thing :sad: loving it yourself is! :smile: goodluck with the decision
  12. ladysalesrep195

    ^Thank you for your advice! You are right though; when I look at my bag, I think of a woman who went to a cheap-o salon and came out with some bad highlights
  13. A few weeks ago I bought a Prada Gauffre Framed bag, the one Posh carried in so many photos. I got it and the markings were just like yours, GUNG, dark and unnatural, so I returned it.

    I have a feeling some of them look like that, some look like mine. I was lucky, I bought mine via eBay but through someone I knew.

    If you are unhappy, return it. If it bothers you in the least, get it out of your closet. You deserve a bag you LOVE.

  14. Thanks again! That sounds like excellent advice. I really think I will follow it too.:yes:
  15. GUNG,
    I think it looks ok, really! .... I've seen some bad "antique" bags and have returned them! ...LOL!

    Ladysalesrep195, your bag is beautiful - it's from a different season than GUNG, as you can see by the wider strap.
    I do believe the "antique" look on the older bags was done in a nicer way, but would certainly not rule out getting a current bag.

    Good luck on your decision!