Should my bag be going darker already????

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  1. hi all
    i have an orange mabel and it already looks darker to me? is this normal? - only ever had dark brown or black bags so not sure how the leather changes? thanks :confused1:
  2. How long have you had it for Etal? And how often does it get used?
  3. whereabouts is it darkening?
  4. Had it nearly three months and i use it most days and the whole thing just seems to be a darker orange - i'm pretty sure its not my imagination. while typing this just realised that perhaps i shouldnt keep it in the kitchen - with the steam etc from cooking.
  5. ^^ a nice darker orange?
  6. I like my Mulberry bags much more when the colour starts to develop into something different. They seem more unique to me.
  7. yes its still nice...............wonder how dark it will go?