Should money be the main factor?

  1. Well guys, i've been thinking about buying a biggish Hermes bag for quite a while, but have been unsure about what to get and in what colour, i've narrowed it down to two choices
    Steve Sac a Voyage
    Travel Birkin

    My SA has said that I can place a special order for any kind of Steve (thinking about Havanne - Clemence) - This is around £3600 ($7200)
    Whereas i've only been offered one travel Birkin (Natural - Palladium HW - Clemence) - This is around £5000 ($10000)

    Plus, another question I have to ask, is what are the prices in the USA for the sizes and types above, as I am going to NY sometime in February, and am prepared to wait until then.

    What do you guys think and recommend? :smile:
  2. Anybooody :biggrin:?
  3. money should never be a deciding factor. buy what you truly want desire etc. everything else is just a snack but your real hunger will still be there.
  4. i would go with the birkin
    and for pricing all i know is that here in the US a 50CM clemence Graphite with GHW is around 9k after PA taxes
  5. Birkin all the way. The Steve is nice, but the Birkin is a classic.
  6. i'd go for the travel birkin but get the color you want. they're all over the u.s. and they should be able to find you whatever you want.
  7. I'd go for a travel birkin. Personally you can never go wrong with a Birkin.
    IF you have it shipped home and there is no H in your state it may be tax free.
  8. I will go for the Birkin...
    and if you are in the UK, maybe you should try to find one here in Paris...I think it's cheaper :yes: !!!
    And since you are looking for big size, I'm sure you'll be lucky !!
  9. Helpmeplease- i think i saw the steve sac a voyage and it was really nice also. i think it could go over the shoulder and i think that a real plus in a large bag. how do you want to use the bag and which will function best for you? both are tdf, the birkin being more classic but if i had a large heavy travel bag and couldn't put it over my shoulder i wouldn't be happy.
  10. Well I'm a guy, so I wouldnt really want to carry it on my shoulder anyway :smile:
    But yeah, I'm leaning towards the steve, simply because it has a more bespokey luxury feeling :smile:
  11. Helpmeplease- the steve was really beautiful and very under the radar; if that's important to you. either way great choices. good luck and enjoy.
  12. I like the Steve alot as well. Both styles are so vastly different that it is hard to compare.
  13. Totally Agree!!!!

    ETA: Go With Your Heart.....It Has To Be What You Love