Should men carry a Speedy?

  1. LOL... I was in Old Town (Alexandria,Va) a little while ago . Browsing one of my favorite Antique shops there when I noticed a man in the store carrying a Speedy Mono! 35 I think. I was also carrying mine. We were for a moment interested in the same piece (an antique mirror) so when he noticed mine he said, "Nice Bag".....LOL. I didn't really know what to say about his but I just said "yours too" and we shared a laugh.

    He was dressed very well and was very handsome but the bag looked odd on him. He wasn't the least bit uncomfortable carrying it. It was as if it was his everyday bag..... He wasn't with anyone because he parked in front of the store and when he left he just got into his car and drove off.

    I love a stylish man and I'm married to one but the Speedy is going a little bit too far I I may be wrong so correct me if I

    I'd never seen a man with it before so to me is was odd... Is it just me or is Speedy a unisex bag? What do you think? Perhaps I'm out of touch with what's new in fashion?
  2. i think there are a few male members here who totally rock the keepall/speedy (or any bag that is assumed for females for that matter). :smile: it all depends on the style and attitude to pull it off. i don't think speedys should be limited to females.

    i personally like messenger bags on men for some reason lol.
  3. Ive only seen men carrying keepals but not speedy's but I guess it's unisex but I wouldn't carry one unless it was a 40 but I would still feel uncomfortable...
  4. There have been several threads about this question in the past. A lot of TPF'ers think that a man can pull this off. I do not....a Speedy is just not masculine enough for me!
  5. They can if they want to. It's none of my business and I won't judge them.
  6. yeah and they all eventually lead to homophobic remarks...
  7. ^^ Oh, I didn't even think of that LatinMaleModel--when I posed the question. I do hope that doesn't happen. It was not my intention to open that can of worms at all.

    Just curious about men carrying the bag. This man was not gay --that was obvious by a couple of comments he made (nothing crude) I didn't even assume he was. By looking at him I could tell he likes nice things. I know many men like him so that didn't bother me in the least bit.
    Just looked odd with the Speedy that is all. He was carrying it like a briefcase. It wasn't up on his wrist or Perhaps if he'd had the 40 or 45? The 35 just made it look as if he were carrying a purse IMO.
  8. I know at least one TPF member who has a 35 and I think he looks great with it...
  9. It really depends on what they look like and what they're wearing. They just have too like like they aren't trying too hard.
  10. I agree!
  11. Yes, as mentioned before, there have been a few threads on this in the past, with plenty of responses. If you do a search, you'll find tons of opinions.
  12. I have to say no to that one...
  13. I have never seen men with speedies, but I sure don't see a problem with it.
  14. My hubby carries mine when it is too heavy for me when we're shopping. He's a little too beefcake, real manly man kind of a guy so he looks pretty ridiculous (mine is a 25).
  15. Not this again.. >_< Someone should dig up the old thread, there are lots on this in it.

    Let's just say that's it's the same principle as with any cloth/bag/fashion accessoire; It depends on the wearer.