Should Jimmy Choo make a cross body bag? ...a poll


Should Jimmy Choo make a cross body bag? ...a poll

  1. Yes - I need a cross body bag, and a JChoo would be excellent!

  2. No - I don't have one or don't need one

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  1. Okay girls what do you think? And why? We know the Ring's strap can be adjusted, but it is a little bit of a pain. Would you buy a Choo cross body messenger bag?

    I, for one would like a cross body bag. I really like to have a hands free bag that I can have in front of me when I'm in the city. But something with a little more pizzazz than a square with zippers and a strap. The new Marina kind of bores me. The strap would have to be adjustable, and be long enough to wear over a winter coat. And I'd like a little slot on the front like a button hole, an inch long, that my headphone cord could come through. Deep outer pockets would be great - one for keys, the other cell phone.

    Do you think a messenger would be a good addition to and fit for the Choo line? What I like about Choo, besides the fact that the materials and workmanship are top notch, is that they seem to be a little dressier than other brands. Not in a glitzy way, but in a classy way.

    Well, I'd be interested in your thoughts
  2. Messenger or cross body bags aren't very chic, but they are dead handy and why not have convenience and elegance come together.
    I travel a lot and have looked and looked for a nice bag that can go across the body, but not look sloppy or frumpy. But, I've never found anything matching my style.
    It would be fantastic if my Alex had long enough straps to sling diagonally. I'd buy one in an instant!
  3. I agree with you.
    I don't think there very attractive at all, but understand how they can be appreciated for being practical.
    Whats the deal with the "convertible JC" bag? Can that be worn across the body?
  4. Sounds like a Wonderful idea ladies:tup:

    Maybe this would be a great style to add to our Sneaky Snake venture;)
  5. I am not a fan of cross body bags unless it's for school. But perhaps a Choo one might make me change my mind. Though I view Choo bags as classy and elegant and cross body just doesn't have that ring for me.
  6. If a stylish Choo one came along...I may change my mind too:yes:
  7. You know, this to me is one of those things that I tend to looove on someone else, just not me. To me, I feel that at my age (in my 40's) a cross body bag is a bit too young for me. I have no idea why I feel that way, it's just a style, but not one I think I could carry off. :shrugs:

    But for those women who do love a cross body bag, I think it would be nice if JC came up with a stylish bag. :tup:

    I thought the Alex was supposed to be fairly easily adjusted to cross body, or was it just a shoulder bag? Remember when Maxter saw it IRL? Her SA showed her all the different ways it could be worn, I thought cross body was one of the ways. And like jburgh said, the Ring can be made into one, although I haven't tried it yet since it seems like it would be hard to do and I don't know that I would like that particular style as a cross body. I think something a bit more square? And of COURSE it would be :sneaky: snake! Anything to get us Choo girls back in the swamp! :choochoo:
  8. I was going to email JChoo use and suggest they visit the tPF Choo forum for some ideas and opinions by THE diehard fans. But, swamps? :lol: Choo girls in swamps? Not part of a Choo marketing campaign I'd imagine. I'm afraid they would think we are all crazy! :roflmfao:
  9. I think cross body bags look ok in summer, but over a coat? Naaa.
  10. I was told it was "convertible" and remember the manager of the Rodeo store commenting on how unflattering cross body bags were.
    I think unless your thin and on the younger side they are really unflattering.
    Makes me think of students.
  11. Awwww, that makes me sad :crybaby: So what are you supposed to do if you are an old lady like me and need a cross body style for it's functionality? I guess wear it under your coat, LOL. Sometimes it is just so dang inconvenient to carry a shoulder bag, especially when you have other things to carry. Maybe a classy, elegant Choo style would turn the tide.
  12. I can't imagine you not looking fabulous in a cross body. I have a feeling you would find one that looked stunning.
  13. Hey! If JC would get the sneaky snake to us in ways that did not involve dressing Samantha up as a Choo "girl" to get our bags out of Customs, perhaps we could avoid the swamps and just do lunch like all the other Choo ladies around the globe!

    You know what else I've noticed? Why is that the US Choo girls here on this forum use the below smilies so often? They're all so violent and/or alcohol related! We ARE a weird bunch!
  14. Stinkerbelle - I don't know why that favorite ones are: :shrugs: (so cute):whistle: and :sos:
  15. ^ Well yes Lucy, those WOULD be your favorite smilies what with your posts mostly containing lines such as "It wasn't me" :shrugs:....."I know nothink!" :whistle:....and "OMG! Ethel is in over her head!" :sos: