Should it stay or should it go?

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  1. I just got a dark brown crackled leather multi-zip and can't decide if it should stay or if it should go and I should get a twiggy. What do you girls think of the style? It's much darker in real life (the pics aren't that great because I had to size it down alot to fit the file size for uploads- you may have to enlarge them), looks alot better, and is about the same size as the classique. The good thing is that it's in amazing (rarely worn) condition and the handles will never darken! If anything, they lighten a bit!!! It seems to be one of those leathers that gets better with age as it crackles and takes on new personalities...however, is it recognizeable as a b-bag? Is it too busy? I'd love your girls' thoughts! You can be honest won''t hurt my feelings, just make the decision easier!

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  2. I think that's the coolest bag ever!!!!!!!!!!! I would definitely keep it!!!!!!!!!
  3. i think u should keep it! it's a great rare bag! :yes:
  4. It must stay!
  5. I think if its one of those situations that your just not 100% sure.....give it another month or so and then make your final decission. I like it though.
  6. keep it for its rarity
  7. ^^ OMFG, i love that bag!!! :wtf: :heart: :P
  8. Awww thanks guys! That was the confidence I needed to give it a place in the closet (well at least for today...tomorrow it will be on my arm!). I will definitely give it another month or so (no use trying to sell anything this month anyways!!), but I think you're right, I think I'll get attached to it! I do live in Texas afterall. If there ever was a place for tassles....:P
  9. ^^ yahoooooooooooo, texas-girl!!! :yahoo:

    p.s. texas rocks, i'm an adopted texan :heart:
  10. I really like the bag and the leather looks TDF, you should keep it!
  11. I think if you should only keep it if you LOVE it...

  12. Even with your lousy ass pictures (sorry :smile: ) I still think that bag is drop dead gorgeous.:nuts:
  13. :yes:
    Ditto! I have changed my mind about bags I was not so sure of when I first got it. If it still doesn't work for you in a month or so, let it go!
  14. i'm with everyone else...she is a beauty!!
    keep it
  15. It's gorgeous!!! KEEP it. Is that a new style or an older one? I LOVE it!:love: