Scarves Should it stay or should it go?

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  1. I am also not the biggest fan of brown on principle but in this coloration works so nicely. H often does these surprise color combinations that often read so sophisticated in my opinion.

    It looks amazing on you! But, I’m of the opinion after my own trials that if it’s not love in the beginning. It rarely becomes a favorite in time. If you need to cover a few bases (size, colors etc) then hang onto it. But if your collection is more exhaustive then perhaps let this one go to make space for the inevitable love around the corner. There will always be another amazing piece to come, another lesson learned from years of collecting!

    Honestly, you can’t go wrong either way on this one. Good luck deciding (and now that song is stuck in my head lol).
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  2. If you don’t love it, don’t keep it.
    I personally think it looks fabulous on you in every single photo except the pic where mostly brown is showing. But also I personally don’t keep every scarf that works on me, that’s got to be just one factor.
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  3. Dear Joanna!
    I love it on You but You need to love it Yourself to keep it.
  4. I don’t know how I am only now seeing this. I think it looks amazing on you and I would love for you to keep it unless you are interested in re-allocating the financial resources elsewhere.

    Do you think it would look more organic if you ever changed your hair color or changed your style in general? (To clarify, I love your style, but it is not an unreasonable expectation that people will change some of it throughout their lifetime)

    Ultimately, I do agree that if you don’t love it, it is pointless to keep it. Lots of great scarves out there.
  5. keep it. it is looking good on you.
  6. I just saw this thread. The pix are fabulous, really. I also love this scarf (and generally hate mashups) and have tried on one belonging to a friend. I had the same hesitation over the brown bits, which made it not a 100% WOW for me.

    Also to consider: the format. Do you have other 140 silks? Is it a format that you would reach for often? When?
    As others have said, the heavier 140 silks are going away and this is a great one.

    Also - maybe you don't need to rush. This is a scarf you would have no problem reselling any time. Why not see what happens this fall, if you wear it, if you enjoy it?
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  7. Keep it!
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    Oh, Joannadynne, keep it! As you say, your hair will not always be pink( although I see no problem with that with this scarf is looks really pretty) and the scarf is a knockout....(or, just send it to me!
    )......seriously, give it a few more months, you look beautiful in might just not be feeling it right now! Also, if you are that ambivalent about letting it go, my rule of thumb goes like this: I can always store it for another season, and let it go later, but I may not be able to easily get one again if I have a change of as long as I’m on the fence, the advantage is in deferring for another few months...come fall and a cool day, or a new hair color, or a jacket from storage, or a different lipstick, and I may completely revise my feeling about it...
  9. I feel the same way. I'd rather sit with an indecision than make a poor one, especially when nothing really is at stake. Please let us know what you do, @Joannadyne!
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  10. I'm also voting for you to keep it. It looks great on you in ALL pics! Hand on heart :smile:
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  11. It is a keeper
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  12. Stay!!!!
  13. A bit late to comment.....I think it looks amazing (even the brown bits - but it might be my monitor) and is a keeper, BUT at $810 usd it's too much $$$ IMHO to keep it if you don't love it. For any purchase, if I'm still waffling after a week then back. Another tpfer put it so well - with Hermes there will always be something else to love and buy.
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  14. Ditto to all the comments as well. It looks lovely on you and would also look good with your natural hair color. I think it’s a great autumn scarf and I love how you paired it with all colors. I wonder how it would look with orange hues?
    That said, although it is stunning on you, if you are going to keep it in a drawer, I would save my $$$ if it’s not too late to return it. Better to not regret and have something that you will not wear if it does not make your heart sing.