Scarves Should it stay or should it go?

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  1. I love the richness of the jewel tone colors with your complexion and I don’t really notice the brown tones that much. It looks stunning on you and it matches that purple shirt perfectly, but only you can say how much you love it.
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  2. I am with the majority here. I think it looks wonderful on you ( and I almost never comment on the scarf threads) but if you are not feeling it you won’t end up reaching for it.
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  3. Ditto what everyone says. It looks fantastic on you!!!
  4. I'm not a fan of the color brown either, but in this case I'd say it is more of burgundy than brown, so think you should keep it and wear it often-looks very classy on you!
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  5. I'm such an enabler but OMG that scarf is made for you. It's absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I don't like brown at all but honestly, I don't know if it's because I'm fixated on all that lush, rich purple but I don't even notice the brown. If it were me, I would hesitate before letting this beauty go. However, since you seem to be unsure, let me ask you:
    Do you smile when you look at it? Will you see yourself wearing it or reaching for other scarves in your collection? Does it feel like it's "you"? I know that when I'm unsure about something, I tend not to wear it as much. While it's beautiful, if you think that if it will sit in your drawer, I would let it go {or send it to me as I'll gladly take it off your hands :smile: }.
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  6. I love it and it complements your hair color really nicely.
    Also, I love The Clash :smile:
  7. Minority report here. I like the scarf, but I think there will be another cw that is more suited to you. Your choices usually make you glow. Here, I find the scarf is competing with, rather than complementing, you.
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  8. A bit biased as I also own this scarf, but I say keep it. I think it looks great on you!
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  9. Joannadyne, I love the scarf a lot and I really like it on you but I sense that you don’t love it. It is lush and rich and definitely more of an autumn scarf. Perhaps it reads too warm for your SoCal climate. That you are on the fence and are still there means you are looking for a reason to like it. I think you should return it and find another that will make you swoon.
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  10. I own this scarf as well (heavily influenced by the same ladies). I think it looks fantastic on you. It’s one of my favorite scarves. That said, if you’re always trying to hide something it won’t work.
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  12. I think it looks marvelous on you - I don’t see brown anywhere on it!
    But. If you don’t love it - maybe it’s not a keeper. It is definitely a different color range from what you usually wear and that might make it hard for you to reach for it often.

    It is gorgeous though!
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  13. The colors really suit you - I vote stay.
    But if you’re unsure or uncomfortable with how it looks, you’re more likely to choose one of your other beautiful scarves to wear. If you are asking for opinions, perhaps this scarf is more likely to remain in its box/the drawer/the shelf (insert storage method of choice here) than get worn. And the most expensive items from H, or anywhere else, are those that remain unused. Most of us have probably been there.
    But I think it complements your coloring nicely.
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  14. I really love it on you and think it’s the perfect GM silk, how I wish I’d bought it myself!
    I’m not so familiar with your scarf collection or lifestyle ; this is a rich Autumnal palette that would look fantastic with darkish big sweaters and cosy coats . I’m not so keen on it with the bright lavender top but look how the mauve accents glow when it’s worn with navy.
    It’s such a great example from Hermès of a beautiful piece enhancing the wearer, it couldn’t have come from any other house!
    I’ve come to the realisation that it’s better to diversify in a scarf collection, I see no point in buying different versions of the same colours.At first I was drawn to orange and red thinking they suited me best, but now I think it’s down to an alchemy of colour :love: so I wouldn’t rule out any colour .Even meh beige looked good this season with some of the reds and greens .
    That scarf works magic on you with navy for sure , it’s a cool elegant and confident look.
    In other words, :tup::tup::loveeyes::tup:
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  15. When I first read your dilemma I thought that it was probably one of those 'if you have to ask...' scenarios but in the pics I'm like "are you kidding?!". If ever a keeper that one looks fabulous on you. This is one A/Fall colour scarf you can really wear. The brown is a warm bronze so I realise out of your usual comfort zone but this is a way you can wear it and it tones in beautifully.

    Points besides looking fabulous:

    Mashups: I'm also not the biggest fan on the mashups either (I own both designs separately) but this has enough overall uniformity the cw that makes it look cohesive plus you have the versatility of the 2 in 1 scarf.

    Winter-weight twill: H don't even seem to be producing the Winter-weight 140 silks for AW19 making any that we already have more valuable, certainly in my eyes. That flat Summer-weight is fine except when you get to the price, sorry fans, but I am not seeing where the money is. With these proper twill scarves you get a real shawl if needed, never mind a giant scarf.

    Evening: This will be glorious as an evening cover-up/shawl/bolero/stole/accessory. How handy for day-night transformation with added purple lip and heels and GO.