Should it be a medium classic flap or east/wast in black caviar 4 my 1st Chanel???

  1. Please help me decide my 1st Chanel! ... I went to the shop yesterday and got confused between classic flap and e/w :confused1:. It looks pretty much the same to me. Can anybody tell me their differences? Does anyone has both? Could you please show me their pics? I heard e/w only has one size and the length can be adjustable by a hook (?), while the classic flap doesn't have. Is it true? Which model is better for my 1st Chanel? please help :shrugs:

    The thing is my brother will go to Paris in Feb, so I have to tell him all the details what to buy. Thank you so much for your kind help.
  2. I prefer the medium size over the E/W, but I prefer the jumbo over the medium size. :yes: Let me try to find comparison pics... The E/W stands for east/west, meaning it's longer length wise.
  3. [​IMG]

    Aha! There, the white flap on the left (in front of the big Grande Shopping Tote) is the East/West size. The cream flap to the right of it is the med/lrg size.
  4. [​IMG]

    Black = med/lrg
    Red = E/W
  5. I prefer the medium flap, due to size.
  6. Thank you so much, Missisa07. Your pics help me A LOT! :idea:... Now I have to go to the shop and try it on :yes: !
  7. ^That's always the best way. Bags must definitely be worn and not just judged by pictures alone. :yes: Pictures never do a bag justice.
  8. I prefer medium classic, due to size and it can be used day to nite, e/w is always my dinner bag. BOTH are pretty :smile:
  9. I frequently use my e/w as a day purse. Rather than carry a wallet I have the camelia credit card case. Both medium and e/w carry the same amount, if one dispenses with a wallet. The medium has the double flap; the e/w does not. The e/w is light as a feather and easy to grab by the top (while exiting the car, etc).

    I am the proud caretaker of several mediums, reissues and e/w's and love them equally. Your choice, mostly likely will come down to which size looks better on you, feels most comfortable, ease of access to the interior. Either size easily transitions from day to evening use. Have fun trying them on and go with your heart, most of all!
  10. love them both!!!
  11. Personally M over E/W, Jumbo over M :heart: but it really depends on the colour
  12. I adore the e/w because I believe the flaps on the medium make the e/w just as roomy inside!

    Good luck trying them on, its so much fun choosing the right bag :smile:
  13. The east west has a more modern look to it. The differences besides the size is: East west has no compartments (which to me is a plus), no back pocket and a single chain strap. It is an adjustable chain strap though.
  14. i personally prefer the medium/large flap
    the e/w is too.. long looking. it just looks a bit awkward to me
    but yeah you should definitely go to the store and try both on!
  15. Guys, Thank you so much for your opinions. I do appreciate . I think I know what to buy now