Should I?

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  1. ok, here goes...
    i've been faithfully reading this blog for a couple of months now and have become completely addicted! you guys are all great.

    now i have a dilemma and i just don't know what to do! my mom bought a prada bag from saks that she didn't like so she told me that i could return it for her and buy something i liked for myself. so i went last sunday and liked some things but nothing that i LOVED.

    for the past year i've been basically carrying a cornflower city and nothing seems to compare. i used to be the type to switch bags everyday. yet, the city is just so convenient for errands, traveling, baby, and matches with practically every outfit! then -(THANKS TO A FELLOW PURSEBLOGGER) i discovered that saks CT has the city in ink. SOOO i was really thinking of getting another bbag- eventho i should get something new and exciting..

    the problem is that the only way to pay for it with the gift card is to mail it to the store in CT and i'm a bit nervous to mail it there bc what if it gets lost? then i'm out $1400! am i stupid for being worried? should i just mail it and be done with it?

    i keep thinking maybe i should just get another bag...
    advice anyone?
    thanx for reading...
  2. hey ya!

    welcome to the PF - you're gonna love it even more now that you're starting to post!!!

    well, im not too sure how the postal service works over there in the States, but can you get like a Track and Trace? eg/ like an envelope thats got a tracking number on it? or get it couriered to the place it needs to get too and someone needs to sign for it??? these options are offered in NZ and its great coz you can keep track of the item that you've posted via the internet or by phone!

    i think its great that your Mum said that you could get something!!! Thats so nice of her! :smile:

    I think b-bags are great! esp. the City - its a great size! And its such a great bonus that they come in lots of different colours each season.... i say if you love the b-bag then get another one (but thats because i totally love them!!! i want them all!!!!!) i mean you dont have to get another City... there are heaps of different styles of b-bags... :smile:

    good luck with what you decide!!! :smile:
  3. You can get a tracking number and have someone sign for it and make sure you pay for insurance as well!
  4. Try Registered Mail Service, for sending irreplacable items, etc.
  5. Wait a minute...why do you have to mail the card to them? Why can't you do the transaction over the phone? If it's a gift card, it should have some kind of number that you can read to them and they should be able to process it. If the problem is the gift card is in your mother's name....have her call in the order for you.

    Can you go to a Saks near you and have them order the bag from the CT Saks? Have you tried contacting Saks customer service and see what they recommend? In this day and age, it seems silly to have to mail a gift card to purchase something...especially at a high end store like Saks!

    If you have to mail it...make sure you insure the package for the face value of the card, ask for a tracking number AND request a recipient signature. The US postal service offers this fairly cheaply...I do it all the time. Good Luck.
  6. Ooo...good idea! You should go to your local Saks and have them do the purchase over the phone using your gift card. No worries, then. What color are you thinking of getting???
  7. thanx for all your suggestions. i specifically asked about shipping the bag to the saks near me and pay for it there and SA said no. i asked about reading her the numbers over the phone and she said no. she explained that i would have to mail it over to her in CT. that's why i'm thinking maybe it's a sign i should get something else? there were some nice chanel pieces but nothing in the $1400 range that i loved. what's a girl to do?!?
  8. This sounds fishy to me. Call up the Saks near you and tell them you want an Ink city and do they see any *anywhere* in their system. If they say no...I would think that the CT SAs are doing something so that other stores can't get to their stock.

    Also, call the CT Saks and ask to speak to the manager of the handbag department. Ask for an explanantion of why you have to physically mail a $1400 gift card to THAT store to buy a bag. That's BS (imho).
  9. Could not agree more.

    This is not standard policy. I have used Saks GC's over the phone.
  10. i agree get 'em on the phone