Should I...

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  1. sell my Tulum and get the Lockit and the Damier Speedy? I'm really loving both of these bags.
    I'm just not sure if I'm still loving my Tulum GM. So confused! Then again, if I sell my Tulum GM, I will be left without a shoulder bag and the advantage of the tulum is that I can use it as a shoulder bag and a messenger bag. It's too convenient. Maybe I just need to put it away for a while.:confused1: I don't Also, if I sell it, I don't want to be sorry later.
    :confused1: sooo confused....
  2. Personally I would get the lockit and the speedy- two bags for the price of one is always good!! Also, if you sell it, you can always buy one again!
  3. i would definitely get the damier speedy and the lockit. both of those are GORGEOUS! i've never liked the tulum line so i'm totally biased.
  4. Ditto!:yes:
  5. I would :smile:
  6. i agree with the girls above
  7. ^Me too :yes:
  8. My vote is for the speedy and lockit!
  9. I vote for speedy, I love mine so much!
  10. I would!! goodluck!
  11. Another vote for lockit and speedy.
  12. I have a Tulum PM. It's a great bag, but I would choose a lockit & speedy if given the opportunity. Good luck.
  13. I totally agree. :yes:
  14. I'd sell!
  15. I own the tulum pm and the Lockit Horizontal and I love both...the tulum is so darling...I would never sell mine I would miss it...would not sell my LH either...they are such different shapes as well...I also have the PH and aureilla mm and could not sell them...I love shoulder bags and has long has the shapes and sizes are different it is justified to own them IMO...if you love your tulum keep it...I love mine so much!!! good luck