Should I?

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    I think this is super pretty but i'm not sure if i should get it. I'd probably use it during weekends since i'm schooling during weekdays. The color's neutral so it should be pretty easy to match, and the size is perfect for weekends plus it's not really expensive compared to Chanel's reissue which i've been wanting forever. It'd be a good decision to get this right?
  2. Yes yes yes! There are many single lovers around here and that color combo is gorgeous (although I haven't seen it IRL yet). You won't be disappointed!
  3. Really? yay! However,i've never seen this irl but according to the model it seems like the perfect size. what can i stuff inside the bag actually?
  4. i say you should! its a classic bag, and there are a lot of single lovers in the forum, like sneezz said, me being one myself!
  5. I have one in a similar color, it's a great neutral! You won't regret it!!
  6. i can't see it! :P

    if you're talking about the single though.... i love it!
  7. Yes!!
  8. yes. yes, you should.
  9. I can't see it either, what color is it?
  10. It's beige/grey with green edge paint.
  11. Go for it!!!!
  12. Oooh yes! I have the Large Single in Grey from SP '09 and I do sigh with happiness every time I have a chance to wear her! She's more of a dressy weekend bag in my life, because I don't wanna take her with me to the store or something if I need a more casual clutch/small handbag.
  13. I say absolutely get it. I originally had that color but wanted more of a dark gray which I finally found. Absolutely love the style, it's dressy or casual.
  14. i HAVE 2 lARGE sINGLE... GO FOR IT!