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  1. I am kind of frustrated right now. I put LV key holder on ebay and had lots of watchers and quite a few offers on the item. There were a couple offers I was considering too. I had this one watcher and she ended up being my buyer through the BIN.

    I'm not sure if I want to sell to this buyer, or do you think it will be ok. For one I said no sales outside the US. This person is from Australia and asked if she could buy and was willing to pay the shipping. My response back to her was that I would consider it which to me means I will think about it. Then asked her if it would be ok with her that I would be declaring full value of the item on package. That was fine with her and then she did a bin.

    I'm confused about why she did the bin, I guess I should have been more clear instead of saying I will consider it. I should have said that I will get back to her if I accept her offer to buy.UGH it was late and I wasn't thinking clear and just wanted to respond to her.

    I am not wanting to sell because I am afraid of loosing the item, at this moment I just started a new job so I can't afford to have anything bad happen.

    Any advice would be appreciated, sorry so long..
  2. If you really don't want to go through with the transaction, you should clarify with the buyer what your intentions were with your messages and cancel the transaction. I wouldn't really recommend this, since your listing did not say you wouldn't ship internationally, but you certainly have the option as a seller to refund the buyer's money and choose not to go through with it. However, if the buyer is not happy, s/he could leave a negative feedback score. I think that because you told her you wouldn't lie on a customs form, she assumed it was all right to BIN.
  3. I personally think you should follow your instinct, if you are not comfortable explain to the buyer that you wanted her to be clear that if you agreed to let her bid that you would claim full value and she misunderstood and bin and you need to cancel the transaction. DEFINITELY FOLLOW YOUR GUT. Good luck Firefly, I hope it works out for you.
  4. I dont see any reason why you wouldnt send it? I am sure it will be find, esp if you send it express with sign conf.
  5. I would think you should follow through, yes you were trying to hedge your answers with "consider" instead of flat out saying no I don't ship outside the US.
    Just use USPS EXPRESS (which comes w/ tracking) w/ the online signature and fully insure (also make sure your original receipt is handy, just in case) to ship it.
  6. So, after you told her you would think about it, you then contacted her again and asked if she'd be okay with you declaring full value on the package?
    I think she basically thought that you must have considered it and that you would sell to her IF she was okay with you declaring full value.

    It just seems like a misunderstanding to me and I can see how your buyer could have easily took things the wrong way.
    It seems like she tried to go about things the right way by contacting you before buying & offered to pay extra for shipping.

    With that said, Do what your instincts tell you. If you have a bad feeling about it, don't do it.
    You can also check her feedback on

  7. I think u will b fine too. Next time restrict your listing not to allow international buyers. then if an international buyer emails you, you chat with them and decide. then if it is a go you add them to the exemptions and they can buy. you will be in control.
  8. I think you should send it, she has paid you the full amount you wanted, has not asked for you to declare anything lower than the value on the package and i assume is quite happy to pay the full postage to her country? Sounds like a decent buyer to me, perhaps it was a misunderstanding but to be fair she hasnt done anything wrong so she deserves to get the item she wants. As long as you protect yourself the same way you would in any situation then I dont think you will have a problem. Good luck.
  9. I agree,:smile:
  10. We do see threads on here about problematic international selling but we only see the bad ones. For every bad transaction there are thousands of good ones. She sounds fine. I'm sure everything will be fine.