Should I?

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  1. I am debating whether I should get LV sneakers and loafers or get a Irene? I have 4 LV bags already and maybe 5 but I like Irene. But then I want to upgrade my shoes to LV's; I don't wear brand name shoes except own a Burberry boots. If I do get LV shoes, I don't think I want to wear them during winter as it snows here. What do you think? More bags or more shoes?
  2. Get the Irene. Have you tried on the LV sneakers? The ones I have are horrid. They are so heavy and stiff, I hate them.
  3. Shoes aren't even on my list. But if you love them, sure, why not. I don't feel they're at all crucial to a good LV collection, if that's what you're aiming for, but it's always about what you want.

    Do you have LV accessories? They're wonderful, a natural extension of your bags in a collection.
  4. Get the Irene :yes
  5. I don't have accessories. If I do not get the Irene, I can get them.
  6. I don't care for LV Shoes. I lvoe their bags. Go for the Irene.
  7. Get the not really a lover of LV shoes...not sure whether the price is right for the shoes??? I have the bag and its beautiful...good luck :smile:
  8. Irene wants to be with you, go get her.
  9. Irene!
  10. Irene. I can't wear LV shoes in general, my feet are too big. Depending on sizes, I wear a 13 or 14 in Mens. I couldn't rock the Irene, beause I'm a guy ( let alone pay for it! :P ).But I think you should get it. It's beautiful and limited. :yes:
  11. Get the Irene! you can wear her all year round!
  12. Definitely Irene. I don't care for LV sneakers or loafers.
  13. You know...gender-bending is okay!!! If I were you, I'd rather hang out with people who would not judge me instead get to know me. For others, why would u care about what they think anyway - they do not know you and you do not know them - but one does need a lot of courage to withstand the humiliation coming from multi-channel criticisms. When I was not out back then, a lot of people talked **** behind my back. But in the meantime, I found out who were my true friends and who were phonies - just to make friends and copy your style because they were jealous of you and bored with their lives. The exact definition for those people is LOSERS!

  14. def. get the Irene!
  15. I'd get Irene! I do love LV shoes though!

    GL deciding!