Should I............????????

  1. O.K., here is all Chanel bags I have so far.

    Should I buy Classic Jumbo Flap in Plum color?? I saw a lamb leather one today, and it was Gorgeous. But I recently bought 2 bags, and on list for modern chain it too much?? What to do..what to do??:angel:
  2. wintotty!!! You have the gorgeous patent blue LE flap bag that's on my wishlist! :amazed: It's so beautiful...

    Back on topic, since we're on a Chanel forum, I doubt that there'd be too many ladies that would tell you *not* to add a plum jumbo flap to your collection. :P
  3. yup...if it is Chanel then you should! :yes:

    Plus the plum is a fab color and perfect for fall/winter! Its a beauty!
  4. I say don't get it in lambskin but get a jumbo for sure!
    its too big and can be easily stratched and its not small (like your east-west) so you can't really protect it when you are carrying the jumbo. as you have little control over the jumbo.
  5. I'd say to hold off--enjoy the beauties you have now! Sometimes we get in a rush to buy and collect that we have too many to realistically use and enjoy!
  6. Does the plum come in caviar? If it does I say definitely go for it! If not, how about a nice chocolate brown jumbo? Yum! By the way your chanel collection is fabu! Great taste :smile:
  7. great selection, definitely not too much, plum really nice
  8. The Jumbo Plum in Lambskin is FAB!!!

    I'm twiddling with the idea myself and I just added 2 Chanels in a month too! The Luxury Bowler in Black metallic and the Bronze Reissue 2.55...But I'd want to see the Cruise reissues too...
  9. This is very wise!!
  10. You can never have to many Chanels - go for it!!!
  11. Great collection BTW!!

    Tough call - I love the Modern Chain line and the plum color is pretty - both would complement your current collection well! if you have the $$, i'd go for it, but if it's tight, I'd probably get just the Modern chain.
  12. I saw Plum in caviar leather, and I didn't like it as much as lumb. I don't know it's just the color is so dreamy and beautiful, that makes me think, hey if I don't act now, I may not see the color again for a long know? And I really like Jumbo size, too. I almost bought a Jumbo in White Caviar a while ago, but decided to go against it. Ever since then, I was wanting a jumbo flap in fabulous color........
  13. OMG, you are sooooo right........but it hurts:upsidedown:
    I'm selling off so many bag I don't use right now, does that make it any better?? It's strange, I was so into LV and Balenciaga before and now I don't use them at all(except for LV suhali line).
  14. I love the idea of the jumbo flap but I think the large size and the delicate lambskin are a difficult combo......I gravitate more toward the caviar especially for larger bags that I'm going to be harder on......just my opinion....
  15. what color Modern Chain are you getting?
    The first thing I noticed is all your colors are dark and the plum wil be dark as well. . . I'd add a white or beige personally.