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  1. Hey guys im thinking of taking one of my moms many LV bags!!! I was thinking if I take this 1996 or 1997 (ill check DC later) trocadero 30 and making it a clutch by taking off the straps. not sure if I wana though. Hope she wont find out!!! :shrugs:
    Picture222 002.jpg Picture222 007.jpg
  3. IMO the bag is a bit too big and rectangular to be a clutch...
    I say keep the straps on and wear the bag as is.
  4. I agree with Karman, it is too big to be a clutch, I think it would be just fine as a bag.
  5. I have trocadero 30, It's too big as a clutch..
  6. i though it could be used like this [​IMG]
  7. I want to have it like daivds [​IMG]
  8. If you really want to, go ahead :smile:
  9. The strap is not permanently attached, right? I dont have this bag and am not familiar with it. If the answer to my question is no, then I see no reason why you cant try to wear it as a clutch ala DB? Go ahead try it and have fun, if you dont like it then just put the strap back and wear it as it is.
  10. well i cant wear as is because its a handbag but i might just get the toilette
  11. :nuts: Wow, you'll look hot too I reckon;)
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