Should I..?

  1. What do you guys think..? I like this bag because it has the same shape as a LV Alma.


    More pics to come...
  2. Here are the rest...

    147-4775_IMG.JPG 147-4776_IMG.JPG 147-4777_IMG.JPG 147-4779_IMG.JPG 147-4780_IMG.JPG 147-4781_IMG.JPG

  3. Not my cup of tea......sorry.
  4. I personally would save up and buy the graffiti alma rather then this one.
  5. Graffiti alma? do you have a pics of that one...? sounds like my kind of bag.. :smile:

  6. Just go to the LV sub-forum and "search" for pictures there.:smile:
  7. i say a no no, it's like a copy of lv graffitti alma
  8. This one two..?


  9. Who is this bag made by? The only thing I see with it is that is resembles the LV Grafitti line, but isn't one- it would bother me that it was a copy ya know? But if you love it, go for it!!!

    I :heart: the LV Grafitti line!!
  10. I actually never thought about that it could look that much like a LV Grafitti. When people do write that I see that the bag really isen´t that cool anymore. D* I hate when my wrong judgement get to me and make me want stuff before I check it out.. :smile:

  11. YES!!! :nuts::nuts::nuts:
    There were 3 diff. sizes, I want this^^ one so bad :love::love::love:
  12. I found these two. I actually really like the grafitti line now.. :love:

    650.jpg 269.jpg normal_f32.jpg P003-5550.jpg

  13. The 3rd one is a fake. Still remember the headlines about Victoria B. carrying a fake :lol:
  14. Someone posted these pics earlier, very helpful :yes:
    graff1.JPG graff2.JPG