Should I????

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  1. Hi All

    You may have seen my last post about a bag I saw online and was trying to track down.

    Anyway I called the company in London and unfortunately the bags aren't sold here yet. They were very nice and offered me free shipping and assured me that I could return the bag if I don't absolutely love it.

    However I am a bit nervous about buying from overseas. What do you all think - should I or shouldn't I???

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  2. The company seems very accomodating so that should calm your worries I think. I buy tons from overseas, I just check out the vendors. I would go ahead! Let us know!
  3. Definitely go for it. I purchase items from the UK all the time, and never have any trouble. If they are sweet enough to offer free shipping, I would jump on the offer.
  4. i'm sure you'll be fine. go for it and tell us all bout it when it arrives!

  5. thanks, all. I've decided to go ahead....

    But now I'm even more confused - I was sure I was going to go for the black tote I saw online but they've just sent me a photo of two other bags they have in stock - one is the tote in an electric blue Lizard combo and the other is a different style in Chocolate Suede with a green and brown pony hair flap....

    The black is practical but these other two look like such fun...


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  6. Do you want the bag for any particular purpose?
  7. looking to use it for the office. so my first inclination is the black. but we have a fairly relaxed dress code.....
  8. I too work in a professional corporate setting and I think that the black one has enough of a look that it is not too boring - it's the perfect office bag! I personally think you are taking much more of a risk with the other bags (although cute, they could get here and surprise you!)

    My vote is for black!!

    (And btw: i am looking for a new work/laptop bag myself...please let us know when you get this bag and how you like it so maybe i can get one too! - Good luck!)
  9. Do you love any of the colored ones more than the black, if so go for it. escpecially since it would be OK at work. If you feel the same about all, go for the black I think.
  10. The blue and the suede look very interesting. What is the blue one made of?
  11. I vote for black!:biggrin:
  12.'s so hard to decide. i like all of them. i just fell like I always go for boring black - but it does look nice.

    the blue is made of an embossed leather that apparently looks like shark.
  13. thanks, all. I have decided to go with my first choice - and get the black!

    Ellebar - i will defintely report back on my new office bag - i've been looking for ages and this one does seem just perfect - I hope it lives up to my expectations!!!!!

  14. Awesome! Thank you!!!
    I will certainly be looking forward to seeing it and might be getting my own if you are happy with it!... I must say- that's the most styley yet practical and classic work bag i've seen.
    Keep us posted!!:idea:
  15. Get either the all black one or the black and blue. The brown is a little too casual looking to me...