Should I...

  1. get a new first? After my very unfortunate loss of the black flat brass classique yesterday, I have been wondering whether I should buy a new one to tie me over until I meet "Mr. Right" (yes, I commonly compare my bags to men!). The store in Vancouver has an ink first and two black firsts left from this season, and they will be getting their new stock at the end of July (but they keep arguing with me about next season's leather being different--they claim it will be exactly the same, when I KNOW from all of you this is not so! :rolleyes: ). Anyways, should I be impulsive and buy a current first, should I wait till July and get a new improved one, or should I hold out for my dream flat brass classique (which I will buy when I have the chance, regardless)??
    I'm sure many of you will call me impatient, but I am at home all day writing my qualifying exam papers and dreaming about b-bags, which makes me want a first NOW!
    Thanks in advance for your comments! :heart:
  2. hmm... i'd save up for that flat brass if you really want Mr. Right.
    but if Mr. Right Now will do- go for the ink or black ;)

    How patient are you? I'd wait if your budget is tight, but if you can afford both, go for it!
  3. I say go for the ink first...It is a gorgeous color and the first seems to retain their value so well that if you want to sell it later, you won't take a big loss. But then again, I am not known for my patience around bbags...or Chanel....or LV....
  4. I'm a fan of the ink, myself. But, you want to be ready when "Mr. Right" comes along....
  5. i think i'd wait for mr. right... if you put the $ you would spend on the ink or black first, you would definitely win on the next flat brass auction!
  6. go for a new one!
  7. The ink is such a unique and collectable color. I think a tie-over is a great idea!
  8. sorry about the black flat brass :flowers:

    if money is not the issues, you should get the ink first and wait on another flat brass. ink is great color and the most popular color of the season which would make it easier to resell in the future.

    hugs to you
  9. yeppers, i :heart: the ink & would go for it if you can avery :flowers:
  10. i'd go ahead and get the ink classique unless funds are an issue. ink is so awesome, i doubt you'd ever regret it.
  11. I agree with Amanda and everyone else, too. The Ink Classique is beautiful and it should hold it's value, because the color is so well-loved. That way you can wait patiently for another flat-brass--and maybe the price won't skyrocket, like the last one!
  12. Thanks ladies for the great advice :flowers: --I will definitely have to thiink about it! :hrmm:
  13. ITA! Get the beautiful Ink First! :biggrin:
  14. I would get the Ink First, the color just seems too good to pass up...and start setting some $$ aside in the case that your flat-brass pops up.
    Good luck to you! :flowers:
  15. Thanks Laura and PP!