Should I....???


Should I sell the Aqua City Bag?

  1. Go for it

  2. No Way

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  1. I really want a Black SGH city and the new 08 Electric Blue SGH city. Should I sell my 07 Aquamarine in order to aquire at least one of them? I LOVE it, but I think the SGH really adds something to the bags...I am torn. HELP PLEASE!
  2. Your avatar has my two of my favorite bbag colors in it! I LOVE Aquamarine, 3 bbags in it so far! LOL! I'm pretty determined to NOT have a black bbag, just because I love all the color choices! I have tons of other black bags. Just my opinion. Do you like the Aquamarine very much? If you decide to sell it, I think there is still a market for that color. It just depends on how much you like it, and how badly you want a black bbag. :graucho: I voted No Way, teehee. :heart::heart:
    Does your Violet have GSH? I can't tell in your avatar pic.
  3. Electric blue is among my favourites; I think you'd be able to wear it a lot more than the aquamarine.
  4. I voted for Go For It! Electric Blue is an amazing color!
  5. If you sell the aqua, go for the electric blue! At least it's still in the same color family and you won't have a hard time adjusting your wardrobe. ;) I emailed AH and they said that they will be carrying the city in electric blue with GSH. So you should probably get on the waitlist too :yes: Hope that helps!
  6. I know, what a decision to have to make,lol. I'm sort of contemplating the same thing. Just got my black city (love, love it!) but really should sell a bag to make up for the money so debating if I should sell my emerald first or another bag. I know bbags come in glorius colors but I still love it in black. The way I see it there's always new colors in the same family and in the future just get another one.
  7. Only if you don't wear her anymore... the aqua color is gorgeous!
  8. I think you should wait until you see the new colors irl... So I can't vote on your poll, sorry!
  9. ITA with Danae. And your Aqua is really gorgeous. :smile:
  10. i have an aqua and love it. i am thinking of getting an eb too. but, compared to black (which i have) it doesn't compare to your aqua. i say keep the aqua.
  11. Not really an aquamarine fan... sell it!

  12. ^^ ITA! Wait until you can see it IRL or we get better pics.
  13. Go for it! I'm getting on the waitlist for the electric blue city as well. The color is SO amazing!
  14. Sell, sell, sell!
  15. I say keep keep keep...the aqua is so pretty and unique. It's good to keep a RH some diversity to your You still have some time for the 08 spring... maybe by then you'll be able to acquire the electric blue without having to give up your aqua. At least see the bag in electric blue before you decide to give up aqua.