Should I?

  1. My mother and I are going to a mall on the 22nd that we RARELY go to, and it has a Coach store(yay!). Should I ask to get a PCE discount? I know I didn't get the card, but the discount would help my mom get the Hillory Pumps she has been dying for. (Maybe she'll even squeeze in that Top Handle Pouch Carly for me?;))
  2. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! :yes:
  3. Just try. many SA's are nice and will give it to you if you ask. =P
  4. Just politely let them know that you are aware that the PCE is going on and that you did not get a card but would they let you participate. Some have found just by asking they got the discount.
  5. I was able to get the discount today just by asking -- just do it quietly! I got the impression it had to be very hush-hush
  6. That's crazy!!!! Congrats on getting the discount!
  7. I found that if you're buying a lot of stuff they seem to be really friendly about giving you a discount. After all, they don't want to lose the sale.
  8. You have nothing to lose, just try it!!
  9. I'll try, but my worst fear is that if I get a no, I'll cry.
    And then my mom will ask why I'm such a crybaby over a purse.
    And then I'll cry again.
    And then my eyes'll be dry and we'd have to buy $10 eye drops.
  10. Ok i have a few questions...

    So you go into the coach store and pick up the item you want, proceed to the counter and then ask for the pce discount?

    Do you just say "am I going to get the pce discount", how do you ask for it ?

    If they say no, should you act like you no longer want the item(s) anymore?

    To anyone that tried this, did you get better results of obtaining the discount by phone or in store?
  11. In order:
    Usually SAs tend to help out, so no need to just go to the counter, but I'd ask politely

    I don't know. SAs want to make a sale, but they don't really pressure you into a bag when you say you don't really want it.

    I haven't tried it yet.
  12. good luck!
  13. Here goes me...
  14. let us know how it went...
  15. I got a PCE card this morning.:wlae:

    So no worries, but thanks for the help!